Exclusive: TruthTalk.UK Feat David Icke Video Clips / Teasers.

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Vaccine Passports Part 1.

“What has happened as a result of Covid in the West and the rest of the world is that we have become more and more like China. The Chinese system that is coming into the West now under the name ‘vaccine passports’ is the social credit system.”

Vaccine Passports Part 2.

“We have this vaccine passport, notice what they’re calling it, in place after place, ‘a green pass’, why? These vaccine passports are the Chinese social credit system under another alias, they’re going to move on and impose on more and more of your life and life choices.”

The Resistance Grows.

“What you got is Three groups of people, Two of these groups have allowed this agenda to unfold, and these Two groups are responsible for every ‘tyranny’ in human history.”

Humanity 2.0.

Welcome to Humanity 2.0 – TruthTalk.UK Feat David Icke. Full Clip on Gettr due to vaccine clip usage on Twitter.

Economy Clip 1.

“This Great Reset touted by psychopaths like Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum is fundamentally about changing global finance to create a single world digital currency.” – Economy Clip 1 – TruthTalk.UK Feat David Icke.

Economy Clip 2.

‘You Will Own Nothing’: “They are systematically breaking down the supply chains, people at container ports have said they have to hold onto things & slow everything down, what?” – Economy Clip 2 – TruthTalk.UK Feat David Icke.


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