Global FOI Requests Finds No Isolation Of SARS-COV-2

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A freedom of information request is something you, or anyone else, can fill in to find out details of what your government knows and is doing in your name, you can ask pretty much anything within reason, and by law the government or relevant department has to respond.

Making use of these tools, an intrepid online explorer named Christine Massey has been filing such requests around the world to try and find out if any one has isolated the SARS-COV-2 virus, a key aim of Koch’s postulates and necessary in order to create any vaccine to fight the virus itself.

So far Christine has filed many requests and received 55 FOI responses from 44 institutions around the world, yet in not one of them is found a record describing isolation/purification of alleged “SARS-COV-2” anywhere on Earth, by anyone, ever.

You can find all of her FOI requests here, PART 1 and here; PART 2, and you can follow Christine on Twitter


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There’s a really interesting piece about the reason why no-one has seen the SARS Cov virus about 5 mins in to the 1hr 15min documentary Plandemic Apparently in 2003 the CDC, headed by Anthony Fauci, patented the SARS Cov coronavirus that is transmissible to humans. The CDC then filed for special restrictions, so that no-one can see either the patent, or additional patents for detection and kit to measure the virus. If SARS Cov had been developed to infect humans, it was illegal to patent it, and it was also illegal to patent it if it was a natural virus. And we can’t see what the virus amounts to anyway as access to the virus patent is restricted.

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