‘Post-COVID Normalcy Will Feature Digital Identity Verification Solutions, aka. Vaccine Passports’


Vaccine Passports aka digital identity solutions are rolling out and being implemented worldwide for mass control and vaccination coercion. That’s a certain, the only thing that’s different is the extent of this rollout and that depends on the level of public outcry. Here is a low down of the current situation, articles, and quotes: You decide where we are headed.

The implementation of digital biometric vaccine passports aka digital identity will lead to a situation where governments protect the rights and freedoms of vaccinated citizens, while infringing upon the rest of us.

The current proposals for the introduction of vaccine passports or COVID-19 status certificates are surfacing many of the challenges that speak to these requirements. Vaccine Passports are a form of Digital ID based on the collection and processing of personal information (attributes) but this will have a significant role in providing access to freedoms and privileges on the route out of lockdowns.

Legislation is being prepared that would bind all EU member nations in accepting a digital health pass for COVID status. The EU could begin rolling out its Digital COVID Certificate within days, the provisional consensus has been reached on details of the mandatory program, according to an article in Euronews. It is up to the European Council and Parliament to craft an enabling law. Regulation behind the free certificate is supposed to be in place by July 1.

“What we realized in March of 2020 was that there was going to be a new card in your wallet that was a vaccine card or test results. So, connecting you to your health insights that are Covid-related was just always part of our mission in what we were doing, right aligned with it.” – Clear said recently

Just how could anyone even know this, so early on in the pandemic?


And in this new article written by Chris Green who is the MP for Bolton West and Atherton. He writes:

“Many people are vaccine hesitant, especially on behalf of their own children, so compulsion will be required to get the job done. Digital IDs, databases and other measures will be developed to enable a robust nudging operation and to ensure the smooth cross governmental working of complex systems.”

This is deeply troubling reading from an MP.


“I am not too concerned with vaccination passports, in general, but I do worry that they are a Trojan Horse for a domestic pass. Initially, the domestic pass would be used for a small range of settings but could easily be expanded once established.”

“If fear drives the agenda the belief will take hold that we all must be vaccinated. The Covid Status Certification could rapidly evolve from just restricting access to large events controlling access to work, education and public transport.”

This is no time for a permanent power grab by the State because a less free society is a less healthy society. Indeed “Vaccine Passports are interoperable credentials and identities that are an integral part of the blueprint for restoring travel and restarting the global economy.” Says 1WorldIdentity


If this plan unfolds like its meant to then this will be the biggest shift in civil liberties in the history of the United Kingdom. Here is some more news:

“If governments require digital biometric Covid-19 Vaccine health credentials for travel, then integrating them into automated processes is the solution for a smooth restart”. IATA has said.


100% Confirmed: Vaccine Passports Are Digital Identity. “Digital ID is fast progressing as a foundation for facilitating new efficiencies in public service and governance, economic growth, and the opening up of society coping in a global pandemic.”


“Fully vaccinated patients could use their digital vaccine passports or decentralized identifiers (DID) to easily “unlock” certain experiences, such as an in-person visits with their GP”. – Daniel Cidon CTO Next Gate.


The game has been up for a while now, and many of the leading digital id organisations seem to be dropping the balls on this and admitting what is coming, there not vaccine passports at all, they are new digital identities.

Vaccine Passports are not just for Covid-19 Vaccines. There will be for every Vaccine you take: “This is an immensely exciting and potentially ground-breaking initiative for recording information on all disease vaccinations and treatments in African nations.” – Tony Blair


Premier League executive director Bill Bush said on Monday it would be a “major reassurance” if a Digital Vaccine Verification scheme was introduced next season.


My guess they will push this into workplaces. “To give business more time to prepare we will be saying more later this month about exactly what the world will look like and what role there could be, if any, for certification and social distancing” – Boris Johnson

You see eventually everything will be connected into your Vaccine Passports and Digital ID. Passports, Travel Tickets, Health Status, biometrics.

iProov are digital identity providers, specifically iProov provides facial biometric technology to identity providers enabling the verification of online user identity. This is some of the things they have said recently:

This crisis “is going to accelerate a lot of trends. In areas like identity, health data, financial data, authentication, security. We will see many years of progress in a short time”. Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov.

[These technologies] have been under development by organizations for the last five or six years,” but there has never been a large-scale opportunity to use them. Now there is. And once it starts it will completely transform the way that digital id happens worldwide.”

iProov’s CEO has also said “such credentials may be used for years.”

“When we bring our people back into the office, I suspect we will have no choice but to check their Covid status for health and safety purposes. I don’t know but I suspect that’s something we’re going to hear about from the Government,” he has also said.

The Good Health Pass and ID2020 have also written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking to help implement a global Vaccine Passport Biometric and Digital ID platform, one that will launch us into Industry 40.


The Good Health Pass launched by ID2020 has also called on members of the G7 to work towards international agreement on standards to support the global interoperability of digital ID and biometric health passes for resuming travel. We know who is really pulling the global strings here.


After the rise of Vaccine Passport apps, face biometrics will replace Vaccine Passports apps for a ‘seamless and touchless experience at airports, hotels, entertainment and sports venues and more; tying the user’s COVID-19 test and vaccination credentials to their verified identity.’ – Ayang Macdonald


And it doesn’t stop there, in a recent expose of the NHS programming code: Vaccine Passports and Digital ID could be required for much more than boarding flights, one security expert has said, “after digging through code that powers the app, he believes we’ll need to produce this “passport” to gain entry to a number of everyday venues.”


If there is any introduction of vaccine passports, whether it is blue ticks on dating apps or on NHS apps, we might as well move to China and enter our dystopian future there, because this won’t be a free Britain anymore. Vaccination passports support the idea that people can and should be coerced into making vaccine choices, which should be condemned as ‘health fascism’.

We should all be troubled by the open embrace of vaccine passports by the many. The lessons of the past two decades of surveillance in society have shown us that identification technologies such as biometrics have consequences that go well beyond their intended uses.

Individuals that are not persuaded to submit themselves to unwanted medical procedures by sophisticated propaganda techniques will be forced to live a ‘life worse than death’ through the suspension of our freedoms.


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