‘Vaccine Passports – Current State of Play – Part 2 – The New World’

Vaccine Passports Current State of Play - Part 2 – The New World

Everything going on right now is mere noise meant to divert our attention from the real catastrophe being wrought upon mankind. The fact of it is that we are now in the middle of a mass deconstruction project with the goal being the creation of humanity & identity 2.0 and the reinstitution of slavery. This time digital slavery.

This pressure is coming from the top down, starting at the apex of an evil network that includes the Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Soros Foundations, the Vatican, The World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and the United Nations.

This cartel of global predators believe they can exploit COVID19 to reset the entire world system and implement a digital identity for all, killing off any resisters and conditioning the ones who were already inclined toward digital obedience to become their digital serfs.

The mainstream media and governments consistently claimed last year (when we were calling them out), that vaccine passports were “not going to happen”, and some were saying “Vaccine passports are only for fantasy land”. And that the very notion was a conspiracy theory. But now, the vaccines passports are being implemented in numerous countries around the world including some parts of the US and anyone who stands against them is now being called a “conspiracy theorist “or worse a “domestic terrorist.”


New York City now demands vaccine passports to go into any restaurant, bar, nightclub, gym, even retail stores. Los Angeles followed suit. So did San Francisco and now New Orleans. How many more will follow?

‘We are restricting people’s freedom’: Bar owners are now clashing with de Blasio over vax checks. “You’re talking about restricting people’s freedom. If you want to do it — put a cop on every corner, checking vaccine cards and see how Brooklyn takes it,” Bob told de Blasio during his weekly appearance on WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show.’ “Don’t put it onto my business to do it.”


Some NYC businesses are now suing the NYC Mayor Blasio over the vaccine passport scheme. The new lawsuit says de Blasio’s rules are ‘arbitrary and capricious’ and don’t apply to all businesses equally.


On Businesses, the popular restaurant OpenTable app says its enlisting Clear Health technology to verify vaccination status at restaurants. Open Table says, “It will not store vaccination card data or other personal health information ‘unless’ voluntarily provided by the diner to the restaurant.”



The latest from draconian Israel and the first in the world to implement a vaccine green pass system is that they will be denying Green Passports to people who have not received their COVID19 booster shots. The Health Minister Horowitz said that since the original vaccines loses their effectiveness over time, proof of immunity will no longer be valid for those who have not had the booster shots.

The article states that booster shots will be required every six months: “This is simply because, in terms of effectiveness, the vaccine is valid only for a period of 5 or 6 months,” Horowitz told Channel 13 television. “After about half a year, you have to get a third dose. Otherwise, the vaccine loses its power.”

“So, the moment we know that the vaccine loses its effectiveness after a certain period (6 months), then there’s no justification for giving a green pass to anyone who hasn’t gotten another dose.” – Israel Health Minister Horowitz.


What if you don’t want to be on this vaccine passport subscription plan? Too bad! Once the passport system is in place, there will be no customer service numbers to call to cancel it.

You want to eat out? Go to a concert in Israel? You’ll need to get that 5th, 10th or 15th shot. The term fully vaccinated is now just a mirage. It has already lost its meaning. You’re only fully vaccinated until your next dose is approved. Which means keeping these tyrannical vaccine passports up to date will necessarily be a moving target. The idea of vaccine passports is terrible for everyone, no one is getting off the hook. Why? Because being fully vaccinated is morphing into something that is no longer fixed. It’s turning into a constantly moving target.


Australia is also following the standard global script. Aussies will only be able allowed to come out of lockdown once they are fully jabbed and they have their vaccine passports / digital IDs to hand. Scott Morrison has backed vaccine passports, saying businesses have the right to refuse entry.

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has thrown his support behind the use of vaccine passports, saying the concept is sensible and has “nothing to do with ideology”. Morrison said any business had a “legitimate” right to refuse entry to someone who had refused to get vaccinated.

“A business under property law has the ability to say ‘no, you can’t come in’, and they can ask for that [proof of vaccination], that’s a legitimate thing for them to do, and they’re doing that to protect their own workers, to protect their other clients,” Morrison told 2GB radio on Wednesday.


I am afraid Australia, with an unarmed public and with a high level of discontent may be the first country to crack and fall into all-out war, although the police state authorities will be quick to clamp down on any discontent.


Vaccine Passports are already in Manitoba, and very soon they’ll be in place in Quebec, too. The government of British Columbia, meanwhile, announced it would be rolling out a vaccine passport soon in September and one that doesn’t even allow for medical or religious exemptions or prior immunity.

In British Columbia people aged 12 and older will have to show proof of vaccination to attend all social and recreational events and activities. The activity list is quite extensive and very similar to the restrictions we are seeing in France. They include:

“Indoor ticketed sporting events, indoor and patio dining in restaurants, Indoor ticketed concerts, theatre, dance, symphony and sporting events, Indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants, pubs and bars, Nightclubs and casinos, Movie theatres, Gyms, pools and recreation facilities, Does not include youth recreational sport, Indoor high-intensity group exercise, Indoor organized gatherings like weddings, parties, conferences, meetings and workshops, Indoor organized group recreational classes and activities like pottery and art, Does not include K to 12 schools and before and after school programs and Post-secondary on-campus student housing.”

The fact you can’t gather at a wedding or participate in pottery and art classes is the biggest comedown of freedom and rights the West has ever seen, it’s as if their constitution no longer applies and tyranny and evil reign down on us all. But this is the blueprint for the rest of the West, so we need to keep an eye out.


Dubé their Minister of Health and Social Services has urged Quebecers to download the vaccine passport app in the coming days. Dubé said if someone refuses to use the passport and enters an establishment anyway, they could face a fine of between $1,000 and $6,000.


But what about those who medically cannot be vaccinated? Tough luck! Stay at home. This attitude is debilitating on the human spirit, I ask where are the national and local disability groups, where the civil liberties groups? Expect serious lawsuits over there.

“Most of my family is vaccinated. I’m not. And so, I now cannot accompany my own family to any event. […] I’m now essentially an outcast in my own family,” B.C.’s vaccine card for public activities leaves disabled people feeling ‘trapped’.

According to her, none of the vaccine manufacturers tested their formulations on people with her condition, and doctors are stumped, too. She says the vaccine might re-trigger the worst symptoms of her condition or inflame other chronic conditions she lives with.


And a recent Canadian Federation of Independent Business poll found that most small businesses don’t support vaccine passports for their customers either.


“Digital vaccine passports could easily be repurposed to serve as digital identification systems that outlive the pandemic and are used by governments as a catch-all identifier.” – Electronic Frontier Foundation has also recently said.


Economic Collapse?

The purpose of the vaccine passports after over a year of intensely covering them, I believe now is for the eventual economic collapse. Society will just no longer be able to function efficiently under them. We have maybe a year tops, and they will be repurposed after that into full blown digital identity wallets.

Without sounding too alarmist, we must model and gather data on what the knock-on effects will be by introducing these passports.

In terms of the current situation in the US, about 50% of America hasn’t taken the vaccine. That’s no coincidence. Somewhere between 40% and 50% of America is probably never taking the vaccine. No matter what they say or do, the answer is still going to be no.

So that means, about 90 million are never taking the vaccine. At least not for another few years after we’ve seen the results. They don’t trust this shot. “My body, my choice right?”

If governments / states create laws to demand vaccine passports, that means 40% to 50% of us won’t eat at restaurants, or go to bars and nightclubs, or concerts, or conventions, or sports events. We won’t buy anything at their retail stores anymore either.

Which means everyone is going to out of business. No business can take a 20% loss of sales, let alone 30%, or 40%, or 50%. They’re all out of business. Which means tens of millions of people will lose their jobs. A total economic collapse could soon follow.

Millions of potential tourists could never be going to NYC, LA, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Businesses will close. Tax revenues will disappear.

Lots of people don’t want that jab. And if you demand vaccine passports to get into any business, you’ve just sunk your business. Most hostesses, waitresses and bartenders don’t have any interest in playing the Gestapo asking for papers and want no part in it.

Few businesses in America will survive. Mass economic devastation is coming. The Greatest Depression of all time may be sooner than some think.

If the proponents and cheerleaders of the bio-apartheid state study the history of suppression, they will realize that creating an underclass eventually leads to social tensions and threatens peace.


It is high time that we wake up from our collective delusion and return to some form of normal life. That includes preventing and treating respiratory diseases, as we always have, without intruding in personal health decisions.

When the time comes, we will need everyone to come together and unite against vaccine passports at a global level. They will not make this easy, and we will be in the thick of tyranny and slavery which the West has never seen in its lifetime. We must now prepare our minds.


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