‘A One-World Digital Identity Is in The Works’


An apparent one-world digital-identity is in the works with its introduction being under the guise of vaccine passports, which will affect and impact every human being on the planet. Below is a schematic of the game plan. It’s called ID2020 and its the most comprehensive digital biometric and blockchain surveillance system being implemented, involving international organizations and governmental agencies all streaming and exchanging our health data in real-time.

If you look closely, you realize the importance vaccinations play in this alliance and the role big pharma has in providing ever-increasing numbers of future, technological and experimental DNA editing vaccines, which will probably never see any legitimate scientific testing for their safety or efficacy. The other thing that jumps off the page is the apparent close relationship between GAVI and the UN’s UNICEF.

GAVI The Vaccine Alliance was launched at the World Economic Forum in 2000, its members include UNICEF, The World Bank and The Gates Foundation. The alliance raises a single fund to support global immunization efforts, then channels that funding into vaccination programs around the world meeting criteria determined by alliance partners.

The ID2020 alliance is a world digital identity game plan to effectuate mandatory global vaccinations so the transhuman agenda can be fast-tracked more readily by 2030, since many of the neurotoxic ingredients in vaccines may adversely affect human DNA.

The digitalization and technological push will probably make life unbearable for us. Acceptance of this technology that everyone currently thinks is fantastic will become the ‘albatross’ around everyone’s neck and you will no longer be your own person; you will be owned by big technology.

So where are we going with the introduction of the ID2020 digital identity solutions, AKA vaccine passports based on biometrics and blockchain? The answer is a surveillance society based on China, a check-point society, a health apartheid.

What the UK government wants to do is introduce the technology at low-level and at low scale to start with. Little as they can actually get away with without too much public push back. The government is following the written evidence submitted by ID2020 last June 2020, you can read that submission below.

In this document here are just some of the quotes:


The Government should be able to create a unique digital identity quickly and at low cost. At this time, digital health certificates should only be considered as proof of a recent negative diagnostic test.

When a vaccination becomes available, and if the presence of durable immunity is established, then the application may be expanded. If expanded, a digital health certificate should afford the same access or privileges whether it asserts a recent negative diagnostic test, immunization, or immunity.

Considering adopting the ID2020 Certification Technical Requirements or even require certification of all proposed technology solutions as a condition for consideration.

Develop a comprehensive trust framework and legislative agenda to guide the implementation, mitigate risks, and ensure transparency.

Vaccine Passports are likely to be introduced at all border crossings and to enter a sports stadiums and large events, the idea will be that as more variants are introduced, the more places will be locked-out except only for those who eventually hold ‘COVID Status Certification’.

During the next UK lockdown which some are saying would be around Autumn, the only places that would be exempt are those businesses who have implemented Covid Status Certification. The government will recommend people to get their vaccines and to get their vaccines passports.

Even those who follow the rules will find it difficult to navigate within the new laws, as new COVID-19 booster vaccines may be required and these are already being planned into the future pipelines. Venues would also automatically require the latest immunisation and boosters on entry or the latest software patches based on the vaccines for that year.

New software updates are coming, already planned.

The children’s versions will also be following in the Autumn this year so we must be prepared when schools insist that this become mandatory, just as they are doing in America.

And now hundreds of thousands of pregnant women in the UK have been given the green light to receive a their Covid vaccine in a move welcomed by bereaved families and campaigners. (Playing society off of each other).

And it would not just be two vaccines anymore, it would be three or maybe four per year, however many they can get actually away with. Folks, I know this sounds ridiculous, but its basically about how much tyranny you are able to put up with before you can say no.

Our personal health data, along with vaccines and testing data will accommodate this new normal, with a new personal social risk-score profile which may be mapped by geo-locations to areas you have visited or going to visit.

The digital colour codes may be phased-out altogether and eventually replaced by more accurate ratings or digital scores and other KPI’s. The fear is a Chinese surveillance model, when implemented in the West will continue gaining legitimacy even after the pandemic is over. The worry is this would only deepen China’s normative advantages by allowing Chinese surveillance companies strategic expansion on a global scale. And that’s what is happening, we copied China into lockdowns and now we repeat the process by copying the technology used.

“We think it is crucial to focus on China, not because it is a wildly different style of surveillance, but because Chinese tech companies have fuelled an international boom in governments’ acquisition of surveillance technology.” – Vidushi Marda


In China millions of people with low social credit have been banned from taking flights and planes because of this system. A system of nudging human behaviours. And people with high social credit get discounts, get shorter waiting times at government-run institutes and are more likely to get jobs. Big tech companies talk about how vaccine and health credentials and that their introduction would re-enforce privacy matters and how self-sovereign identity technologies can keep our data safe, but just look at the type of society we would become, fast becoming. Is this what we want?

At the end of the day this personal dataset is going to be used at all trip intersections, at all trip points where it would have to be read repeatedly. Read by the verifier, based on some functions or algorithms to allow or deny access or even to detain, this is where the data would be tracked, collected and geo-timestamped as a trip visit and result saved.

We must investigate these technologies in full and the roles they would play in our society. The UK Government is now reviewing how COVID-19 status certification could be used to reopen our economy after well over a year of restrictions, however I now fear we may be entering into a summer of discontent once vaccine passports are formally announced in June 2021.


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