‘Vaccine Passports – Humanity on Brink of Revolution’


What we are seeing now, is the real-time implementation of a true biometric surveillance state, to monitor and record everyone’s health status, a design to map out our entire existence on this planet. A future where we collect, store and share our own digital W3C verifiable credentials and not just for vaccines but for antigen and antibody testing plus any other new digital cashless and banking credentials.

Indeed, this is true ‘digital identity as a service’. This is a big part of the digitalisation of ourselves and of our lives, our new digital twins, manoeuvring towards a one world digital identity platform and one that would ultimately determine what types of access is given or indeed taken away from us depending on our health, social and financial attributes and carbon impacts.

‘Decentralised digital identity framework and attributes at all costs is ultimately the goal behind the COVID-19 and Vaccine Passport agenda.’

The same people who are pushing for decentralised digital identities such as the World Economic Forum with organisations like ID2020, GAVI and the Vaccine Credentials Initiative, Salesforce, Accenture etc, are precisely the same technology leaders in developing vaccination credentials for our behalf, purposefully being designed to create a two-tier system, the fast tracked and held back.

Our phone is now an open window to virtual apps and online digital services from banking to health, which we now use to interact and navigate the digital and physical world around us, the age of industry 4.0 is upon us. COVID-19 is nothing more than an acceleration point, a jump to further this direction.

Vaccines with digital identity is just the starting step of a larger, more sinister plot, a plan of control and dominate. We will all soon be graded, scored and personalised into a blockchain system, our data hived, calculated, summarised and joined with further big data sets.

There will be multiple health apps for multiple functions, apps for touchless services when travelling via airports and borders, health apps which allow or deny access to physical events and buildings such as hotels and stadiums. But these apps as well as being on our phones will also interact with the outside world around us via new sensors, the internet of bodies, AI and biometric face scanning cameras.

The world of the Minority Report is now upon us, where we are tracked and surveyed, traced by various iris scans, face scans, a world of predictive and AI behavioural biometrics and analytics, which gleans all types of data and information on the individual self. With the old adage that these systems are needed to keep us safe, that they are needed to help speed business and functional processes or to speed up border crossings etc.

Vaccine passports are only a small blip, a starting step, of what connected technologies the innovators really have planned for us, it’s coming and are being developed as we speak. I have been in and out of various digital identity and vaccine passports webinars over the past week, and the general direction of travel on this is not good. Yes, it’s about privacy preserving, yes it’s about the ethical implications of such tools and systems, but its more about using digital identities for the next stage of human interaction and human management with our online social impacts.

Sovrin was the world’s first publicly available distributed ledger technology dedicated to digital identity. The code base of Sovrin is part of the open source Hyperledger project, which is governed by the Linux Foundation and backed by corporates including SAP, IBM, NTT and Intel. The Linux Foundation was also one of the first commercial projects to launch the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative hosted by Linux Foundation Public Health last April 2020. The initiative was to build, secure, and sustain open-source software to help public health authorities combat COVID-19 and future epidemics.

Now using these standards on the blockchain which has an impressive application in a transactional environment, but in this context of enabling individuals to own and control their own digital identities online in a decentralised personal data management system where records are verified and stored across a network making the ledger resistant to modification. However, we live in the physical world, and our biometric data will need to be underpinned and supported into that framework. Which is why the upward trend of facial biometric surveillance systems is on the massive rise all around the world. Indeed our face is now looking to be our actual covid credential or vaccine passport as opposed to a physical printout or a QR code. (They will eventually phase out physical documents)

The Vaccine Passport solutions now coming in, when fully matured will not rely on QR codes, that’s not how there supposed to work, they will rely on a whole sleuth of industry 4.0 technologies such as IOT/B, cloud computing, BigData Analytics Biometrics and Blockchain.

The projects ongoing in the name of health protection want us to share credentials to verify user health status with other information and declarations enabling safer travel for all. Not just internationally but domestically and locally. Soon this technocratic and scientific dictatorship which once mastered outside reality, will inevitably march towards direct control of our minds with brain-machine interfaces and various other internet of bodies devices, permanently connecting us to the digital augmented reality of data and surveillance apparatus.

Indeed, in India the “Aadhaar-based facial recognition system could soon replace biometric fingerprint or iris scan machines at Covid-19 vaccination centres across the country in order to avoid infections,” RS Sharma, chief of the National Health Authority. And the plans for the UK are also ones of face biometrics to enter public and private spaces

So, what can we do? Apart from throw our smart phones and computers away? Have you ever tried that? Sooner or later we need them as that is now our only form of contact of communication to work, to transact with the digital world.

Take China’s social credit scoring system, if you have a higher score you can jump queues, access free travel and get discounts. Although if you have a bad social credit score, physical services are inaccessible for you, such as the ability to catch a train and see loved ones. Soon all forms of smart transport networks will work digitally and be touchless underpinned by our new found digital and combined health identities, think Uber and new smart car services which could scan faces to unlock journeys.

The whole digital infrastructure which we have all participated in and bringing into reality will ultimately be the same one which in the end will deny us and enslave us. Will we be truly happy when we own nothing? when our mobile phones or house and cars can only be rented as a service?

So how do we navigate this discrimination, how to we navigate in a world where pretty much everything is closed off for us? because we don’t ultimately accept our bodies to be poisoned or to be made toxic in their crude experiments. Our very existence to interact and integrate into a digital system is thus disabled, we become even more locked out of the system and out of society.

Pretty soon, no school, university or employment will accept unvaccinated people. The powers at be, are aiming to make our life absolutely closed off to non-believers of this Covid cult. The global humanity enslavement agenda keeps on growing as we live in a sphere of perpetual lies, mis-information and if you speak the truth you are looked at for not conforming in our own enslavement. Do they not want people to think for themselves, or to make their own decisions? do they want a type of human which only accepts brainwashing?

It’s indeed true, everything has been an orchestrated plan, an illusion, the masks, the virus, the lockdowns and now vaccine passports. People are now waking up to the frightening bigger picture, that it’s all based upon the foundation of a lie, which is the germ theory of disease itself.  Once we can overcome this, and many are, everything else starts to make sense. We need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, evaluate what do they want from us and most importantly what we want for ourselves. Self-respect.

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Civil disobedience is what is needed, the active, professed refusal of a citizen to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government.

There has been a tremendous shift, the realisation that the world and some of the most crucial events in our lifetimes were in fact staged terror attacks, designed and purposefully played out in such a way to create global fear, a global fear script that we willingly acquiesced to.

‘What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?‘ – Ursula K. Le Guin

Not any one person has the answers, but we can all collectively, intelligently spread the realisation and expand our collective consciousness to rise above this drama and if we do that we will be better for it. We are meant for so much bigger and we just don’t know it yet.

The good news is that we are not alone on this issue. Multiple industries from the publicans, churches, christian leaders, multiple states in the US have now gone onto to block federal and state legislation to stop vaccine passports. Also add into the mix Big Brother Watch, Liberty, Stop Common Pass, the Liberal Democrats as well as major known media personalities are opposing this tyrannical plan.

The momentum is truly on our side. Do not let this wane. Agreed there are parallels to the Iraq war and the poll tax riots. But the more noise we make about this issue, the more we can wake up the majority to the fact that the power brokers in this are just power-hungry evil ghouls, which do not represent us, the true soul of free humanity.

Now is the time for the human race to get off its knees because the lions are sleeping no more. A revolution is the forcible overthrowing of a government or a social order, in favour of a new system. If a revolution is needed, then a revolution will happen and it’s not their tyrannical 4th industrial revolution.


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Terrifying!! But as you say there is opposition.
Moreover, if we could stop 5G then we could stop a lot of this since it requires this technology to make it work.

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