‘Biometric ID Tracking Will Enslave Billions’


So, another week goes by with the acceleration of digital id’s, fast combining our individual health status’s becoming the foundation of supposedly opening up the rest of the economy, the night-time economy, the gig economy is desperate they say.

I am old enough to remember when we were told that vaccine passports were a tin foil hat far right granny-killing conspiracy theory. And the eleven times the Government publicly ruled out vaccine passports and are now going full throttle to introduce them.

If you have read my pervious articles, you would understand that this has all been planned for a very long time, the pilots for what are now Covid Status Certification has already been completed in many countries around the world from Africa to Bangladesh, with key names like the Gates Foundation’s ID2020, GAVI, NEC, Simprints and MasterCard to name just a few.

Lucky for us the agenda is not hidden, its wide open for all to research. On 18th September 2020 the Good ID group posted an article – ‘Biometric Tracking Can Ensure Billions Have Immunity Against COVID-19’

“When a vaccine finally makes it to the market, it will be hustled into one of the widest, most complicated public-health campaigns of all time. Potentially every person on Earth will need a shot, and even in more moderate scenarios the number to be administered will run into the billions…Tracking patients, their health histories, and their COVID-19 vaccinations will be an enormous exercise in record-keeping—one made that much knottier because a seventh of the planet’s population is difficult to monitor.”


Ella Jakubowska, the policy and campaigns adviser at European Digital Rights, a Brussels-based advocacy group. She pointed out that governments could use biometric information to set up mass-surveillance systems, or private companies could tap banks of biometric data to profile and target customers.

Currently Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that a domestic UK Covid passport which indicates a person’s vaccination status, or a negative coronavirus test will “definitely” play a role in international travel. Under the plans, vaccine passports are expected to show: if an individual has received a Covid-19 vaccine, if an individual has recently tested negative for Covid-19, or if an individual has “natural immunity” having tested positive for Covid-19 in the previous six months.

The Prime Minister has also said that the passports “will be useful” within the UK, with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden suggesting that vaccine passports could also be used “in the short term to reopen theatres and sports stadiums”.

Even in the Arts world, luminaries including actors, directors and festival organisers have written to the government calling for the introduction of Covid-status certificates, saying this is the only way their industry will bring about the return of audiences.


The Harlequins rugby team are collaborating with myGP app to test a new COVID certification tool at a future home fixture at The Twickenham Stoop.


The very essence of vaccine passports, is to regulate and restrict movements for those who have seen through the lies, as well as to discriminate. Otherwise, what is the point of it? The purpose of vaccine passports is clear, despite whatever flimsy excuses are normally given to justify them: to restrict the movement of the unvaccinated, or in plainer terms, to restrict the movement of those who have seen through the agenda, people like you and me is what this is about.

In a sane world, no nation that even pays lip service to caring about human rights could claim that vaccine passports are in alignment with their existing laws on individual rights, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, informed consent and medical sovereignty.

It’s not about actual real immunity to disease. It’s about finding out who is vaccinated and who is unvaccinated, and subsequently tracking and punishing the non-compliant, disobedient unvaccinated ones.

Indeed I echo this point that if the public had reacted similarly to the entry-level authoritarianism of our Government over the last 13 months perhaps life in the UK would be a lot different today. Too many instead have been browbeaten into submission over the past year, while most are buying a theory of recovery when the reality looks to be one of stop-start restrictions, continued uncertainty and encroaching state control surveillance.

What is clear is that powerful global interests, including members of the World Economic Forum, are using this time of disruption and desperation to try and push through many elements needed to implement their Fourth Industrial Revolution program. This includes global digital identities, digital currency, smart biometric surveillance and wearable technologies.

“Whoever doesn’t vaccinate will only go out to supermarkets or pharmacies, while the vaccinated will go to stadiums and gyms.” – Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned:


In addition to contemplating use of vaccine “passports” for travel across national borders, countries such as Israel and Denmark, as well as local governments like New York State in the U.S. (where vaccination is optional), are pushing the use of digital vaccine certificates to deny or grant access to services and spaces domestically.

These proposals pose the greatest threat of interfering with fundamental rights. These restrictions may impact people’s ability to access essential services, pursue their livelihood, and participate in civic life. People who have a health condition or cannot be vaccinated due to other restrictions imposed by health authorities will likely face exclusion, along with those who are unable to access the internet or an internet-connected device. The use of digital vaccine certificates may interfere with the freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and could block essential movement for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.

To see what the future holds for the UK we can look not only at Israel but another good example is Denmark, which uses the MinSundhed app and the public health website sundhed.dk gives access to the Corona Pass which is linked to the digital identity of the individual.

As of April 2021, having a Corona pass allows an individual to enter beauty salons and driving schools, and their government expects to add other services to the list, such as restaurants, museums, cinemas, and theatres.

Besides excluding people who cannot get vaccinated, Denmark is fining businesses and individuals who do not comply with Coronapas protocols. Businesses that do not verify patrons are carrying a “corona pass” risk a minimum fine of 400 euros ($470), and up to 6,000 euros in the case of repeated offences, according to the justice ministry. Individuals who try to slip by without the pass risk a fine of about 330 euros. The programme has stoked controversy however, as some Danes feel it divides society. Some shopkeepers also feel the screening requirement is a needless burden.

“It is an unreasonable responsibility to impose on a small business. It would have been much better if, for example, the police made inspection visits, like train ticket inspectors,” Jakob Brandt, head of a federation of small- and medium-sized businesses, told the Politiken newspaper.


When people ask you about proof linking Gates to vaccines to universal digital ID’s, here it is – straight from Harvard Business Review. The intentions of the ruling elite is to turn our lives into data for surveillance and profit and this could not be clearer. A Covid-19 Vaccine Will Need Equitable, Global Distribution by Rebecca Weintraub, Prashant Yadav, and Seth Berkley from GAVI on April 02, 2020.


They wrote:

“To address this problem, biometric digital IDs can be a game changer. For example, Simprints has deployed biometric IDs on health and humanitarian projects across 12 countries, which have increased health care visits and quality while preventing fraud. It is now partnering with Japanese telecom giant NEC to develop an affordable, interoperable, biometric solution for vaccines that can identify patients even in rural and offline settings. Using robust digital tools can help governments overcome identification barriers to ensure that everyone receives a Covid-19 vaccine.”


It’s also about – “Leveraging data to predict behaviours. We need to understand risk of transmission at the hyperlocal level and the likelihood of adherence for specific geographies and sub-populations. In settings with limited individual-level health data, we will need to leverage available data sources. For example, artificial intelligence company Macro-Eyes uses satellite imagery, digital online conversations, and publicly available data to predict with 76% accuracy which person will drop out of routine immunization programs.”


What is the World Bank’s role?

The Digital IDs for Development program is under the broader umbrella of the World-Bank wide Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative. They see Digital IDs as an enabler and a platform for delivering future financial and digital services by all sectors involved in the ID4D agenda. They want to leverage digital identities as part of a unified system to deliver services and benefits to people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged.

Indeed the World Bank in conjunction with a program called ID4D wants to establish policies to secure personal data and ensure data privacy and promote the use of open and interoperable technology and catalyze a global network of digital ID systems to assist countries and help them build capacity in designing, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining new digital ID systems. They are setting the foundations for the future.


Similar digital ID systems were developed in West African Ebola during the virus epidemic.

“Biometric digital IDs can be a gamechanger. They can help governments target population segments e.g. healthcare professionals or elderly population, verify people who have received vaccination, and have a clear record, this will present a massive challenge for governments trying to ascertain who has received the vaccine” said Prashant Yadav, a senior fellow at the U.S. -based Center for Global Development. – on April 2020


Let’s be under no illusion the whole premise of Vaccine Passports is to merge with digital ID systems, more so than ever before and combine that digital data with real time physical movements all captured and tracked, historized against each individual.

So here we are. Lots of folks are anxious to be tested. If proof of exposure or anti-bodies grants a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, I wager many would agree to sign up for a digital identity without giving it a second thought. But as they say, beware of beginnings. Vaccine passports throw open the door to a much bigger program of data-mining linked to self-sovereign or decentralized digital identity. Digital identity structures enable the vast accumulation of interoperable data.

Referencing some of the words of Alison McDowell – @Philly852 – “Data is EVERYTHING, and digital identity ushered in with pandemic certificates is the key to turning people into speculative investment commodities”. No matter what fancy and different names these passports, apps and QR codes are now being called, there are plans afoot to link them all via a Common (Common Pass, IBM and Mastercard) software or digital ID framework for something that is much bigger, a new platform.


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