Covid Measures – More Harm Than Good?

Nervous System

As human beings, we thrive psychologically through (physical and emotional) closeness and connection, engagement in play, work, leisure, family and community life.

We develop our sense of self beliefs about others and the world around us, through our interactions with others and the language and ‘stories’ of our history and present.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the language and stories in society have centred around extreme fear and threat from a ‘deadly virus’.  This has been the basis for measures such as ‘social distancing’, ‘lockdowns’ and mask wearing, which were quickly labelled the ‘new normal’. During these months, the psychological health of the UK population has suffered greatly, with significant increases in reported stress, anxiety, depression escalating alcohol consumption, domestic abuse and increases in suicidal thoughts, especially among young adults. People within specific groups like those with developmental or learning difficulties and disabilities, such as deafness, have had an even more difficult time. Within the younger population. 80% of surveyed young people have reported a deterioration in their mental health [1].

With Vaccine roll out looking lengthily and not without its own host of issues, how much longer do we go on damaging the health of our nation?

Source: Psychology Counts


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