Mask Madness

Mask teddy

Masks are now a part of everyday life in Britain. One topic surrounding face coverings that we haven’t seen discussed enough is the very real risk of increased transmission due to incorrect usage and the how wearing face masks long term can affect our health.

“Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection”  This extensive peer reviewed study highlights some of the risks to not wearing your mask correctly [1].

“Face masking can provoke an increase in stress hormones with a negative impact on immune resilience in the long term” is part of the conclusion of this British medical journal article. [2].

It is one thing talking about healthy adults wearing face masks while in enclosed spaces, to begin to market face masks and coverings to young children who consistently have not been effected by this pandemic, could be disastrous and irresponsible .

Your average adult cant manage to wear a face covering correctly ensuring they remain beneficial and not detrimental to health, how can we ever expect our children to wear masks effectively everyday. we know masks should be fitted correctly at all times.

This is not being reflective of real community settings shops etc with adults, our children must be spared this mask madness.

Source: Health Impact News
1. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information
2. The British Medical Journal


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