‘Covid Vaccine Passports – The Grand Psyop Continues.’

‘Covid Vaccine Passports - The Grand Psyop Continues.’

This week we saw MPs vote in favour of Boris Johnson’s COVID passes for large venues and events, The vote passed with a 243 majority; 269 voted for and 126 against the new rules, despite a huge Tory rebellion against Boris Johnson.


Remember, with vaccine passports and Covid Certification the Government only needs a foot in the door. Once they manage to get people to accept them ‘temporarily’ for ‘some’ events they’ve practically won. They won’t be ‘temporary’, and their use will then be expanded.

This was pushed through on the back of a yet another mass media fear campaign of a new variant of concern, this time, Omicron. The symptoms, according to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, who discovered the Omicron variant, amount to little more than a couple of days of fatigue and malaise. In fact, most cases now are ‘like severe cold’ and Omicron appears to produce ‘fairly mild’ illness, experts say.


No serious illness has thus far been reported anywhere in the world. No Omicron patient has thus far required oxygen or even hospitalization for any of their symptoms. In other words, Omicron appears to be nothing more than a hyped-up winter cold.

Meanwhile the UK’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty said today that it could be “a number of years” before a ‘variant-busting’ vaccine is developed that would enable COVID restrictions to be lifted for good. “If I project forward, I will anticipate in a number of years, possibly 18 months, possibly slightly less… we will have polyvalent vaccines which will cover a much wider range [of variants],” Whitty told MPs.

Once a ‘variant-busting’ vaccine becomes available, if ever, get ready for a new virus to suddenly appear necessitating all the restrictions remain in place anyway.


Independent analysts have been warning since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic that the plandemic might be used as a pretext or catalyst to impose a global digital biometric identity system, introduced as “vaccine passports”, that may later be expanded into a Chinese-style “social credit” population control system.

While “vaccine passports” have of course been entirely ineffective and indeed counterproductive at a medical level, this doesn’t really matter at the strategic level, if their primary strategic purpose is to introduce QR-based or even RFID-based identity systems that may later be linked to other personal health and financial data as well as to digital currencies and payment systems.

The fact that millions of “unvaccinated employees” are threatened with losing their jobs – regardless of their actual immunity status and the fact that natural immunity provides far better protection than vaccination, is another indication that strategic objectives appear to be more important.

Vaccine passports are abhorrently discriminatory. To segregate society based on an arbitrary marker, such as vaccination status, is to some the first step down a slippery slope toward dystopia. Vaccine passports to help others? We’re on a slippery slope now.


These vaccine passports have been in strict use to enter nightclubs in Wales since October 2021, now these same nightclubs are forced to close. So, is it not clear, that the vaccine passport project has utterly failed?


In Italy, we can conclude that vaccine passports offer little but a creeping tyranny over people’s lives. They do not persuade many unvaccinated people to get jabbed and there is little evidence to suggest that they lead to fewer infections.

In England the Covid pass regulations were published titled: The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Entry to Venues and Events) (England) Regulations 2021. The document stated that: “No impact assessment has been prepared for these Regulations.”

Which says it all, they are not backed by any scientific evidence whatsoever and thus they can’t determine an impact. The only impact will be, lack of social cohesion and economic devastation.

Why don’t we introduce obesity passports? The latest argument for vaccine passports is that we must increase vaccine uptake to reduce pressure on the health service. By this logic, we should also consider restrictions for those who are overweight.

The vaccine passports have nothing to do with health or vaccination.

The NHS COVID Pass will also be rolled out to 12 to 15-year-olds for international travel, but of course that will be used domestically too. This is simply tyranny disguised as freedoms. In fact, the requirement for two doses of a vaccine or a negative LFT for events will be ‘modified’ to three doses of a vaccine or a negative test. “Once all adults have had a chance to get their booster jab.” – Sajid Javid has said.

Given the lack of evidence, what are vaccine passports about? Coercion – or, to put it more bluntly, blackmail – pure and simple. Why are we sacrificing our God-given freedoms for the sake of a two-jab vaccine passport when even the boffins admit that two jabs don’t work?

In his letter to the whole of the NHS: Boris Johnson wrote, The evidence suggests that two vaccine jabs do not provide enough protection”. So, what was the point of taking the two jabs in the first place? We know the vaccinated can still be infected with Covid-19. That vaccinated can still spread Covid-19 and infect others, and the case-rate is higher in the 2/3 dose vaccinated population and we also know that Scotland and Wale’s enforced vaccine passports are not working.

The re-opening of the world was always only going to be made available via health status checks. In Apr 2020: “Biometric IDs can be ‘gamechanger’ in coronavirus vaccines, they can keep a record of such people and those getting the vaccines.”

They wanted the creation of a swathe of health checks points. Huge networks of dystopic digital token transfer. Take this from June 2020: On touchless and traveller information: “Both could be achieved with a biometrically enabled trusted traveller digital identity profile.” Sure, it could, many were pointing this out, to be labelled as a conspiracy nut.

It’s a global technological health surveillance grid which is being formed right now. The powers are fast trying to normalise these QR checks at every touch point. First every non-essential location, but eventually this will creep into financial services and consumer services and our work places.

There is also scope here for targeted user services, which helps to build up more of our digital id profiles for every individual. ID’s will be managed and scored for fraud, compliance, risk assessment, health risks and pre-crime. Indeed, why not throw in some Chinese social credit scoring and CBDC’s?


In a Plan D scenario Covid passes will most likely be extended to hospitality, with biometric check points at pubs, restaurants, clubs, stadiums etc. Most people will go along with it, learn to live with it, fast becoming normal. Some may think it’s too much hassle and steer away, while business collapses all around them. All this digital token transfer is doing is it’s getting people used to interacting with their digital ID wallets.

Remember what Tony Blair said, June 2020. “It is a natural evolution of the way that we are going to use technology in any event to transact in daily life.” He said: “People will need a new form of ‘Digital ID’ so they can prove their ‘disease status’ as the world moves out of lockdown.”

Bill Gates also said in March 2020 “We will have digital certificates to show who have been tested or when we have a vaccine, who has received it.”

They are simply setting the stage, a platform, a digital id management infrastructure and framework in which every transaction will be tied to, your digital id profile, all under the guise of fighting an invisible enemy. They must think we are stupid; but many are.

People are now finding that partial compliance is no compliance. You’re either all-in, or you’re out. You either do as you’re told, every time, or you’re a science-denying domestic terrorist, along with those who saw through this game and said no from the start.

The global nature of this campaign might explain why even in a country like Sweden, which has managed the coronavirus pandemic without any major restrictions, the government in November suddenly decided to introduce “vaccine passes” for some indoor events. In fact, Sweden might quickly turn from a bastion of lockdown resistance into a pioneer of “more secure and easier” RFID-based identity systems (i.e., implantable NFC microchips).

The near future: Vaccine passports implanted in your skin using this NFC-enabled microchip. Epicentre plans to market the versatility of the technology it spent years developing. The chips use Near-field communication (NFC), which can communicate with any NFC-capable smartphone.

Many Western countries have been seeing some of the largest political protests in decades, though often ignored, downplayed, or vilified by corporate and government-controlled media.

Do you want them to have every information available, full control of where you are allowed to go and where you’re not allowed to go? Like in China? A reflection of what vaccine can passports do, they destroy society. Europe is turning into a two-tiered society in which those who refuse to be vaccinated will live under lockdown without full access to society or jobs, facing fines and even jail.

The only way to save ourselves is to form a collective and prevent ourselves to end up in a social credit system like we see in China. In our millions we can resist them. The COVID Pass system will turn into the Chinese Communist Party digital identity and social credit system.


They are using the lockdowns and vaccine passport surveillance to further their digital transformation aims: Take this: The Coronavirus pandemic could serve as a catalyst to build better digital identity systems. “The coronavirus pandemic could act as a catalyst for a qualitative leap forward in the field of digital identity”, a new recent study argues.


We all know that this platform will be expanded. “The introduction of vaccine passports could ultimately start the move towards a trend for workplace validation, and advance security measures for both employees and businesses.”

It’s just a Grand Psyop, they want us living in fear of lockdowns being re-imposed every winter. This is psychological warfare on an industrial scale to force us into getting new boosters for new variants with Covid passes dangled as a return to normal which can be extended into their social credit and digital ID systems, this will never end unless we can reach a critical mass.

They’re not doing you a favour anymore. They’re using you to construct a totalitarian regime of vax-apartheid that discriminates against anyone who dares follow the money to find the truth and the key players. This isn’t about COVID-19 control anymore. It’s about mind control, the truth shall prevail.


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