‘Domestic Vaccine Passports Arrive by Back Door – Certification Review Breakdown.’

Domestic Vaccine Passports Arrive by Back Door – Certification Review Breakdown

The much-awaited Michael Gove’s COVID-Status Certification Review Report was finally published after months of anticipation, and frankly it is a very damp squib, at just over 5 pages of actual content, much of it is waffle with no new details, but here are the key parts and what it means.


‘Certification is already a feature of international travel’ and ‘Individuals are able to demonstrate their vaccination status through the NHS COVID Pass’, whether we like it or not, and whether we want to use it or not, our new digital vaccine passport all in one is here.

‘The Government has concluded that it will not mandate the use of COVID-status certification as a condition of entry for visitors to any setting at the present time.’ That is the key point, at this present time, this leaves the door wide open for a time when it will be soon required for potentially every aspect of our lives, a digital trip pass inside a health surveillance and checkpoint society.

The reason for the ‘present time’ statement, is that because everyone has not received their second dose, thus they ‘would therefore require repeated testing (to obtain their passes), and possibly on organisations – would be disproportionate to the public health benefit at this stage of the pandemic’.

‘At this stage of the pandemic’! Meaning it is not the right time to begin mass domestic rollout, but it is parked on ice for now.

They also say, ‘It is possible that certification could provide a means of keeping events going and businesses open if the country is facing a difficult situation in autumn or winter’. And with ‘Any future implementation would involve consultation and appropriate parliamentary scrutiny.’ Sure, they will.

Folks this is most likely to happen soon, with the introduction of a new Lambda variant, and calls for a winter style lockdown already in the works, there is now a real possibility that a two-track system will exist for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The de facto health apartheid will come to fruition.

So ‘the Government will keep the wider application of certification under consideration.’ I am sure they will, ready to be turned on and turned off like a switch, something that was also hinted within Tony Blair’s new recent white paper named ‘Pass Time: Quantifying the Public-Health Benefits of a Covid Pass’ outlining how the NHS Covid Pass will work this coming winter.

I highlighted what this report said here in detail:


The ‘Government believes that to ban certification in domestic settings would, in most cases, be an unjustified intrusion on how organisations choose to make their premises safe.’ It adds: ‘Any decision to require COVID-status certification will be discretionary choice for individual organisations to make.’

And adds: ‘The Government will make the NHS COVID Pass available as a means for individuals to demonstrate COVID status and for organisations to check it, if organisations choose to.’

And we see this is already happening with the Premier league as they are getting ready to start their new season requiring all fans to provide digital identity and health proof in attending any future football matches.


It leaves the backdoor wide open for ‘others can decide to use it at their own discretion’. This is the green light, the nod if you were to go ahead and the Government will not impede in those decisions. This means any non-essential business can implement the technology, the NHS version of any other version.

Here is the kicker, something we have known since the start, that digital Covid certification or vaccine passports cannot guarantee in any sense the person is Covid free. They can still transmit it even while fully jabbed and can still test positive when fully jabbed.

‘Although certification can be used to indicate that a person is at a lower risk of carrying and transmitting the virus to others, it should not be treated as proof that an individual is ‘COVID free’.

Vaccine Passports should not be treated as proof that an individual is ‘COVID free’. Far from it! The reasons for this are that the vaccines are not perfect at protecting against infection or subsequent transmission, and that the ‘testing results are not 100 per cent accurate.’

Two admissions here, the first is that vaccines do not work and the second is testing can be flawed. Something we had known for a while and which they finally admit too.

So, what is the point of vaccine passports? The point is, it gets you used to showing digital proof in the new post Covid world, and not just for Covid but for every other vaccine and future self-sovereign verifiable credential or digital identity application.

They admit that by saying: ‘As a result, certification would not necessarily reduce the number of infected people entering a venue to zero.’

So, there is no prospect of a Covid free event or a Covid free area, that is just not going to happen, and they know it. This is about something far bigger than covid.

It is about nudging and changing our behaviours, and on that note the report goes on to say: ‘Behavioural scientists saw advantages to certification in encouraging behaviours around vaccination uptake and regular testing’. And this is the goal, when that pass expires on the anniversary of your double shots, you will be locked out of society until you can re-submit yourself for further medical tyranny.

And it will not be one or two shots anymore, instead it would be a new combined influenza A B with a Covid variant formulated for that winter. Here is Moderna’s latest offering:

A Quadrivalent Seasonal Flu mRNA mRNA-1010, Vaccine for influenza, including seasonal influenza A H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B Yamagata and Victoria and COVID-19, all 4 are RNA technologies. So, 4 types of new RNA to be injected into humans, no trials, no data, no nothing, just bare faith.


Back to the report:

‘Behavioural scientists took a positive view of the likely health impacts of certification.’ – Yes, I am sure they did, its all about psychological and behavioural programming us into their next new normal.

This is interesting: ‘Businesses told us that any certification scheme should prioritise a smooth user journey and ease of use for both venue operators and customers. This includes developing a system that is easy and quick to verify, with easily understood standards, and is interoperable with third party systems.’

The system that will most likely be introduced which is both quick and easy to verify digital identities along with their health status can only be done by identity biometric face scans, something the reader apps and companies like Iproov have been developing since last year.

It is coming, digital face scans to verify health status, my gut says first will be international travel at borders, then larger events like the premier league, followed by smaller businesses which can simply use a tablet with connected camera’s.

‘The Government will continue to consider the use and the potential future application of certification, taking into consideration the findings of this review and of the Events Research Programme.’

Bottom line they have not given up on this folks, once the infrastructure is built, it will be not only be rolled out, but tactfully, it would be scaled up and scaled out and eventually repurposed for other use cases.


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