‘International Vaccine Passports are Illegal’.

International Vaccine Passports are Illegal

Britons face a dizzying overseas holiday map this summer. And that is quite apart from the complications of our traffic light system for travel. Each day seems to bring at least one new development in the entry restrictions of EU countries, with the vaccination status of travellers proving increasingly important, this is what they want us to beleive.

However, there is currently ‘no’ internationally recognised binding agreement on COVID-19 testing or vaccination as a pre-condition of entry. Currently the only internationally agreed vaccination as condition of entry is for yellow fever and thus the current measures are unnecessary and disproportionate.

There is nothing within the World Health Organisation’s International Travel and Health Document, time stamped and dated 12th May 2021 at the top of the document also at the bottom in the footer to say that vaccines or vaccine passports are required for entry.

The document:

‘International Travel & Health’ information last updated 12th May 2021, regarding COVID-19 vaccination and or testing being a Condition of Entry to State Parties.


It is not currently illegal for you to travel right now, there is nothing regarding COVID-19, and this is the most up to date WHO travel document we have, for over 190 countries and territories under a legally binding world agreement.

The only disease that is there for vaccines in line with the international health regulations and WHO guidance which every single country or most countries in this document updated 21st May 2021 is for Yellow Fever, Polio and Malaria.

“Yellow Fever remains the only disease for which nations may ask you to produce additional certification for departure and or entry.”

So therefore, every single digital health pass, the NHS, The EU Digital Covid Certificate, currently yellow fever is the only disease for which proof of vaccination may be required for travellers and as a condition of entry into a state party based on Annex 6 and 7 of the International Health Regulations 2005. A legally binding document.

Airlines will not stop you from going through their ports of entry, they cannot stop you according to current international law. There is nothing for Covid-19, there is no international agreements folks. It’s another scam!

The International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 are an international instrument that is legally binding on all World Health Organization (WHO) Member States.

The purpose and scope of the IHR 2005 is to prevent, protect against, control, and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease. This is done in ways that commensurate with and are restricted to public health risks, and which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade.

It is not illegal to travel, what governments of today and the airlines are currently doing is illegal, What ICAO, IATA etc, they all come under the International Health Regulations of 2005, and Annexes 6 and 7, yellow fever is currently the only vaccine required.

Annex 7: (1.) In addition to any recommendation concerning vaccination or prophylaxis, the following diseases are those specifically designated under these Regulations for which proof of vaccination or prophylaxis may be required for travellers as a condition of entry to a State Party – Vaccination against Yellow Fever.


The only certification of vaccination and prophylaxis under Annex 6 and 7 of the International Health Regulations (2005) is Yellow Fever, as a condition of entry to a State Party. So thus the EU are obligated to uphold and follow these regulations and their fundamental principles.

If you do a keyword search for ‘COVID-19’ you will find nothing in this documentation. Aren’t we supposed to be in a ‘pandemic’? Where are the updated laws? The updated entry requirements? Just look at the source material yourself.

You can check every nation’s entry requirements for vaccinations. This was “produced after consultation with State Parties” and last updated in May 2021.

This important and vital health and travel document indicates all countries vaccination and entry requirements and the WHO recommendations for international travellers and malaria prophylaxis per country.

The country list is a compilation of key information to facilitate safe international travel. The information provided for each country includes any State health requirements as well as WHO recommendations for yellow fever vaccination, polio vaccination, and malaria prophylaxis.

However, there is nothing here for Covid-19, they are making up their own rules and regulations as they go along.

The country list is produced after the consultation with the States Parties to the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR), and includes input from WHO technical units at Headquarters and from WHO Regional Offices.

States Parties are consulted yearly to confirm or update their country’s requirements for international travellers. And of course country requirements are subject to change at any time. As a complement to the country list, the International Travel and Health (ITH) chapter 6 on Vaccine preventable diseases and vaccines describes WHO recommendations on: 1) routine vaccines for review before travelling, and 2) vaccines for certain destinations.

Yellow Fever and Polio are the only two required vaccinations currently.

So, we know the State Parties and the WHO are working alongside the IHR (2005) to some shape or form and so currently no one should be prevented from travelling based on a test, vaccination, or a digital vaccination certificate, its just not simply a law in the international sense.

This Government are creating an ‘illusion’ that every country in the world requires vaccine passport for international travel, these may be house keeping rules but they are not legally binding laws.

There simply is no international agreement on COVID-19 testing or vaccination as a pre-condition of entry other than Yellow Fever.

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