Large Majority Of Emergency Workers Mental Health ‘Deteriorated’

Nurse Crying

A survey of 4000 emergency workers found that 69% of staff and volunteers across the police, fire and ambulance service had reported their mental health deteriorating due to the pandemic.

With NHS workers in the front line put under every increasing pressures and regulations to follow and with the police forces having to enforce ever more complicated and draconian rules, it’s no surprise that people are struggling.

Speaking about the survey findings, Kelly Drewry, Blue Light Programme Manager for Mind, said: ‘Our emergency service workers do an incredible job of helping people through some of the worst moments of their lives. Ambulance, fire and police staff are exposed to traumatic, dangerous situations every day, and it’s their job to try save as many lives as possible and keep us all safe. It’s not surprising that this can take a toll on their mental health.

‘Since last year, the emergency services have found themselves at the centre of the pandemic. This is an unparalleled situation that continues to place increased pressure on the mental health of our emergency responders. Some have developed new mental health problems, whilst those with existing mental health problems may have seen their symptoms worsen.’

Whilst we at TruthTalk stand proudly against the repressive laws enacted against us and don’t believe that we’re being told the full story with regards to Covid, we must remember that those on the front line in both the police and NHS are humans just like you and I, and they are as scared and concerned at what is happening as much as you or I.

Don’t aim your anger at them, focus it where it is deserved – your elected representatives.

Source: Emergency Services News


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