‘No Biological Risk-Score Data? Your No Access Digital Lockdown Awaits’

Is Artificial Intelligence AI Dangerous And Should We Regulate It Now

The only way the social engineers will truly let us out, is with the powerhouse marriage of biometric and blockchain digital health and identity systems, aka ID2020 aka Vaccine Passports.

In July 2020, I started reading about the long running plans by the World Economic Forum to develop digital identity-based services for health, travel etc. And I often searched for the phrase’s ‘Immunity Passports’ or ‘Health Passports’ without finding many matches.

For me there were tell-tale signs that the real agenda was progressing and simmering in the background while the masses were debating over testing, cases, and masks (and for good reason). For me this was all background noise, so I took a journey to find out the true intensions behind COVID-19 technology wise.

That lead me to the horror-show of what was being implemented in the east, in China and how this surveillance technology underpinned by personal-data was slowly creeping towards the west and what would may eventually become a part of our everyday lives.

The media and the Government are now promoting the Bill Gates Foundation and Tony Blair Institute’s vision that vaccine certification should be a permanent part of our new normal, a digital new abnormal. But are we truly ready to become a digital asset in the globalists Great Reset?

Right now, with the recent events of the past few weeks and rhetoric by Boris Johnson. I feel we are now entering into a dangerous-zone of medical technofascism or a medical-technocracy and that the whole point of COVID-19 was to usher in and engineer a global push for digital verifiable credentials.

A form of Surveillance Capitalism:

You see “The evolution of Vaccine Certificates will actually drive the whole field of digital-identity in the future. So, therefore this is not just about Covid, this is about something even bigger.” said iProov’s Andrew Bud.

And that vaccine passports and their future use cases have been discussed within meetings by their creators, on how they will eventually link back up into to the broader topic of digital identity.

Echoes of the digital agenda materialised during the first lockdown, directed in parts by Gates Foundations outfits such as ID2020 the Digital Identity Alliance and Gavi the Vaccine Alliance. On April 28, 2020, an article was published titled ‘Digital Identity Can Help the Economy Safely Recover from the Coronavirus Pandemic’.

The Article notes that Digital Identity for COVID-19 is needed and One well-known epidemiologist, Larry Brilliant, has suggested using concert-style wristbands or ID cards to help identify the immune. Researchers in Germany are planning on issuing immunity certificates. In the UK, the government plans to roll out “immunity passports” to allow citizens to return to normal life. However, a novel approach to the novel coronavirus has emerged in the decentralized identity community – verifiable immunity credentials.

One year ago, on the 3rd April 2020 it was stated that ‘The UK plans to roll out “immunity passports” to people who have already contracted COVID-19 to allow them to return to “normal life,” the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said. “We are looking at an immunity certificate,” Hancock said at a Downing Street press conference. “People who have had the disease have got the antibodies and then have immunity can show that and therefore get back as much as possible to normal life.”

It was also on April 13, 2020, where the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative unveiled its plans to use digital identity to address the spread of COVID-19 using blockchain self-sovereign identity with companies including Evernym (the creator of the IATA vaccine passport), ID2020 the Digital ID Alliance, SovrinID and Microsoft amongst many others.

In fact, this Digital Identity idea is not new at all, because fingerprint records and digital health cards were already being developed to help solve the global identity crisis by Gavi in 2018 tying exactly that, Vaccine data to Digital Identity via Biometrics.

On Mar 28, 2018 ID2020 clearly stated that Immunizations was going to be a key entry point for digital identity systems in the future. Were they proof-of-concepting these early idea’s well in advance?

Most recently the “Cabinet Office minister Julia Lopez MP confirmed it is running a “discreet pilot” of a new digital identity system as a main successor to “GOVUK Verify”. Could our new digital health ID’s link-in with this single sign on system?

“Our discrete digital identity pilot project, deliberately small in scale at the start, will create the proof of concept. This will be led and coordinated by GDS, co-designed with Whitehall departments and public services, and be largely government built and government owned. “Initially, it will connect only a small number of services but will have the capability to grow rapidly once the scheme is judged to be on track.” – said Cabinet Office minister Julia Lopez MP

There are now very serious risks that any vaccine certificate scheme will usher in a more permanent form of dystopian digital-ID system which would be a vast social change and that once a global-ID system is in place, it would be tied to every move and purchase we make, and that the vaccine passport’s themselves may mutate. “If they prove the viability of the ‘verifiable credentials’ model, calls to replace paper passports will surely follow. That model… has not been designed just to provide one vaccine certificate,” “It’s been designed to provide the certificates for your whole life.” says Andrew Bud of Iproov.

I believe, we should all be able to live our lives free from unnecessary interference, and any form of immunity passporting would rob us of that. And history tells us that once we give up our hard-won rights, we rarely get them back.

“That is a pretty despicable way to live. It’s a way to live from which I recoil in absolute horror, applying to the government for 24 hours of freedom after a couple of tests.” – said Steve Baker

A necessity for vaccine passports for accessing daily life raises alarm bells to many and so it should, because of the invasiveness of tracking it also raises risks that we are creating a new form of digital segregation, like we saw in Israel.

The question is, why do we need invasive digital identity blockchain and industry 4.0 solutions to go about our daily lives? Because there as an alternative-agenda behind the scenes being played out. An agenda that is so diabolical, so grotesque, which is shaking at the core foundations of our civil liberties.

This is where we are, the exposition and the fightback needs to continue. Let us get organised, raise awareness of the dangers of such platforms, we need to oppose such technological tyranny and the people behind them with strong voices before we soon end up like a dystopian China-adjunct-state.


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