‘Introducing COVID-19 Digital ID Was Always The Plan’


The new COVID-19 Passports will “likely become a feature of all our lives”, the government has said, following a recent review into “Covid Status Certification”.

It was in March 2020: when Evernym the technology developer behind the IATA Vaccine Passport and Travel ID app took Bill Gate’s calling and blueprint and made that into a reality. In an article titiled ‘Responding to the COVID-19 Challenge with Verifiable Credentials.’ They wrote:


‘There is very good news: the blueprint for the technology that Bill Gates imagines actually became a global standard last November. It is called Verifiable Credentials. As the digital equivalent of the credentials, you carry in your wallet every day, verifiable credentials are already delivering value in pilots and early production deployments around the world.’

This is effectively the Chinese system where Citizens are scanned as they board busses, approach crosswalks, and cross barricades. A complete record of movements and body temperatures, hour-by-hour and interaction-by-interaction, is compiled and tracked for many citizens.

It was 2nd April 2020 where No 10 were seeking to end the coronavirus lockdowns with ‘Immunity Passports’. Hancock revealed that the new Certificates were required and needed to prove if someone is immune to the virus and that this could allow some of the population to go back into work. (Some)

Soon after this in a White Paper released on April 20th 2020 – Immunity Certificates: If We Must Have Them, We Must Do It Right by Dakota Gruener. COVID-19 Rapid Response Impact Initiative. She raises the prospects of the Case for “Immunity Certificates”.


For those who don’t know, Dakota Gruener is the Executive Director of ID2020, a public-private partnership working to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to an officially recognized digital identity. As Executive Director, she leads the overall strategy, builds critical partnerships with public and private-sector stakeholders, and continually focuses the organization on reaching the “last girl.” Dakota comes to ID2020 from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, where she served as an aide-de-camp to the CEO.

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It was in May 2016, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the inaugural ID2020 summit brought together over 400 people to discuss how to provide digital identity to all, a defined United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to everyone and including to the 1.5bn people who are living without any form of recognized identification.

In the White Paper she writes:

‘The certificates, carried on individual’s smartphones, would indicate, that they either had recovered from the infection and are, presumably, immune, or had a recent test indicating that they are not currently infected.’

‘Such a system would make it feasible for workplaces, medical facilities, airlines, and food preparation businesses (to name just a few examples) to require individuals to disclose their COVID-19 status as a condition of access. These individuals could share their results, time-stamped to show how recently the test was conducted, without being required to share their names or any other identifying information. It is worth noting that in the case of a negative diagnostic test, the certificate would remain valid only for a limited time before it expires, the same with a vaccine just one season. At all times, the app would only display the results from the most recent test or vaccine.’

She Adds: ‘But any individuals who didn’t enrol or couldn’t enrol, either due to marginalization, inaccessibility, or mistrust of the government, have found themselves increasingly locked out of these services and without redress.’

On April 23rd 2020, the UK’s Programme for Immunity Passports. See PHE COVID-19 Draft contact tracing operating model on the second slide, 6th Pillar. In it, it describes that Immunity Risk Certification is linked to the test and trace programme and that there was an aim to implement a ‘Covid Certification system’, which links to decisions on what freedoms the public should have, after having a positive antibody test. This would later be expanded to recent test and recent vaccine status.


And in May 2020 when Baroness Dido Harding was appointed to lead the programme of testing and tracing as part of the government’s ongoing response to coronavirus (COVID-19). This article stated that the Chair of NHS Improvement, Baroness Harding would lead on the new NHS COVID-19 app, swab and antibody testing, contact tracing, national surveillance as well as ‘Immunity Certification.’ She had ‘Immunity Certification’ clearly within her remit when she joined. So it was always coming and pre planned.



Most recently on the 7th April 2021: Dr Jade Norris writes in the Spectator that “Doubly concerning, one backbench conservative MP told me last week that he has recently come to believe that government’s ‘no return to lockdown’ promise is only built upon mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.”


The authoritarian Digital Identity agenda has been given away, too many times in the past few months; they are not hiding their intentions at all. It was dropped again in this article by Elizabeth M. Renieris for the Centre for International Governance, she writes:

‘”Rather than thinking about Vaccine Passports as temporary, isolated, public health-related measures, we should view them as just one example of how the pandemic is accelerating the rollout of the digital identity infrastructure.”

She goes further:

“It is critical that we consider vaccine passports in this broader context of accelerating digital identity adoption, with the risk that digital identity infrastructure built and deployed in response to COVID-19 becomes permanent. To assuage to these concerns, some governments promise the solutions are temporary.”This will not be temporary.


To add the proverbial cherry on top: The Global Blockchain Business Council CEO told the Davos crowd that she hopes the rise of Vaccine Passports will help “drive forced consent to standardization” of global digital identity schemes. Forced Consent?

The quote: “I’m hoping with the desire and global demand for some sort of vaccine passport — so that people can get traveling and working again — will drive forced consent to standardization, and frankly, cooperation across the world” — Sandra Ro, CEO at Global Blockchain Business Council


Even if the future is murky, having a sense of the long view is important, by building these tools for health surveillance and normalizing third parties requesting or requiring individuals to share their private data. There’s a really big question of how that could evolve. On the other hand, if this is temporary, do we have the ability to dismantle it? The short answer is no, it would be the first brick in a new digital wall with true freedom on the other side.

Some people have said, “I’m not doing it, I hate it and I wont submit to it”. But after two years of doing that? Eventually nobody will care and they will end up having to acquiesce to the new big brother surveillance normal, when they are wanting to go back into work.

What people fail to comprehend, is this whole virus deception, is built on a house of cards of lies and manipulation. All pre-planned, a concerted effort by the globalists to centralise power and to introduce a one-world digital identity system for our eventual slow enslavement.

Even the Spectator is calling it out: “Soon, we will have to show vaccine passports to pass through Biometric Covid Checkpoints placed outside workplaces, football grounds, theatres and pubs. Until recently, we only needed to flash a passport when we entered a foreign country. Now, it seems, that the outside world will become foreign to us, unless we can prove that we’ve had the jab.”

In a World Exclusive Interview. Why are they doing this? Michael Yeadon the Ex-Pfizer Vice President came to some serious conclusions, and its not good.

“Since no benign reason is apparent, the use of Vaccine Passports along with a banking reset could issue in totalitarianism unlike the world has ever seen. Mass depopulation remains a logical outcome.”

He is right, we are past the point of no return, I feel we will not be getting any of our freedoms back, we may only get some semblance of the pre-covid freedoms, once we submit into their new systems, which is technological and biological slavery, at its true core.

As I wrote in December: ‘The globalist’s Masterplan introduces new restrictions on our daily lives, we are now being offered only two choices. Forced to stay in Economy busting Rolling Lockdowns until we implode or B. Prove regular immunity via PCR Tests & Vaccine Certificates.’  It was always the evil plan.

Ultimately the plans for Verifiable Credentials and Health Digital ID have been in the works right from the get-go last March, April and May, well in advance and before they even knew the numbers of the First, Second and Third Waves and after Three Lockdowns, if not planned years prior. Now people seriously need to think, do we want a world where our data can be demanded or shared without our consent at every check point just like China? Do we want to live in a surveillance state like China with our every trip monitored?

What is most upsetting is that we have allowed this to happen in the first place, the blame lies on us, we haven’t been quick enough to deal with this evil, in fact I am putting the blame on everyone who is continuing to go along with these lies and deceptions to bring in the digital, technological, and biological surveillance state into our lives. They are aiding and abetting these criminals, it is the harsh and sad truth.

There is now a real danger of these emergency solutions becoming our new normal, and we cannot accept a loss of data privacy or a Chinese surveillance economy as the default, many will not accept the yearly experimental vaccinations and the privacy rules around the usage of these credentials will ultimately shape civil society for years to come.


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You offer no solutions.

No tactics. No advice. Just doom and gloom.

I’m the very gentleman who deduced depopulation is a second objective.
The first is “vaccine passports’, which will afford unlimited totalitarian control.
I’m no seer. It’s clearly a lie all this rubbish about variants.
I am so confident about that that I’d be happy to give evidence under oath that top up vaccines aren’t required.
I doubt they ever will be.
So to hear they’re being manufactured, what is in those vials?
Best wishes

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