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Monday March 8th 2021 marks the day the UK opens its doors to all school children for the first time this year!

Whilst children finally being allowed to return to face to face education is long overdue the stark reality of what’s expected of our children is becoming very harrowing.

The UK government department for education have produced the updated guidance for children returning to schools on March the 8th. [1]
Instead of happy smiley faces children will be faced with a sea of masks and twice a week testing in the coming weeks.

We as fully functioning adults know that unless used correctly facemasks offer little to no protection to the wearer, or anybody else. Face coverings must be washed daily and put on \ taken off correctly to ensure transmission is minimal, they must not be touched when on, or put back on if stored incorrectly.

The reason for such strict measures is to ensure they are beneficial at all, because the science behind face coverings is bleak they do not stop a virus entirely and pose risks themselves.

We know face coverings and masks can cause many phycological, mental, emotional and physical issues, I’ve touched on this in the Mask Madness article I wrote here.

Teenagers are going through the most important phases of their life with surging hormones we know they are susceptible to peer pressures, bullying, and stress. Normal teenage hormones are bad enough surly ?

The effects of face coverings and skin issues around the chin and nose is very well documented. Have we just made this issue much worse ? ” Face masking can provoke an increase in stress hormones with a negative impact on immune resilience in the long term” is part of the conclusion of this British medical journal article. [2].

Dell Bigtree on the high wire reported of studies showing extremally worrying health risks to children from wearing masks and face coverings in schools. Highwire

The Average wearing time was 270 minutes a day. Impairments caused by masks were Irritability 60% headaches 53% difficulty concentrating 50% less happiness 49%  reluctance to go to school 44% impaired learning 38 % drowsiness 37%

Facemasks and Testing open our children up to a whole new world of pressure, penalisation, division and potentially discrimination. UK column have covered the extent of this bullying.

We must ask ourselves what incentives have the schools been offered to be pressuring parents and children into testing and masking. [3]

We need to stand up for our children now before we cause more irreversible damage. Us for them has campaigned to get schools open and they are now heading a campaign for no masks in class. Please do take the time to head over to their website and look at the science and letter templates our children are depending on us doing this./[4]

The tests themselves have a very controversial background even the mainstream media are reporting this now. Power to the people UK has recently published a set of pictures with some details around the lateral flow tests that will be given to all year 7 above  twice a week here in the uk. The ingrediants are more than questionable and it is time to demand answers. Power to the people uk

Empower yourself with knowledge for your children and they have a chance of regaining some of what they have lost in the past 12 months, expressions, smiles, reassurance. Not rigid risky measures!

Some Questions to ask your school before making an informed decision.

1 The full information manufacturer leaflet of the test. What its made of and the ingredients etc

2 A breakdown of what will happen with mine and my child’s DNA and the track and trace information the school will have to provide the NHS. What happens once its been used etc ?

3 The schools full risk assessments on masks being worn by children for extended periods of time i.e. specifically the control measures being implemented to ensure correct usage is being adhered to throughout the day.

4 A full breakdown of the how these new policy’s will be implemented into everyday schooling without any child being penalised bullied, vilified or discriminated against by their peers or parents and potentially teachers \ adults.

Once you have all the correct information only then can you make an informed decision for your child.


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