‘Vaccine Passports / Digital ID: Populations Trade Freedoms For The Illusion of Protection.’

Vaccine Passports UK Trades Freedoms For Illusion of Government Protection.

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.” Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era


From 9/11 to COVID-19: The Psyops continue, in short, a PSYOP is a government brainwashing operation intended to shape public opinions and create compliant behaviours. Successful PSYOPs always result in the growth of Government power and suppression of individual rights. PSYOPs involve deep pre-planning and coordination from government branches, intelligence agencies and officials. The media also plays a paramount role in controlling information and selling the narrative to an unsuspecting and trusting public.

The tyrants and their covid cult follower’s have made many believe that freedom isn’t a fundamental human right anymore; that Governments around the world can hold our freedom hostage indefinitely during an emergency and that it’s perfectly acceptable that people must be coerced into taking six monthly CRISPR injections to win back some of their freedoms temporarily.

Current State of Play:

Vaccine passports for large venues and mass gatherings are now needed to avoid another national UK lockdown, Nadhim Zahawi the vaccines minister confirmed that digital health ID certificates proving an individual’s jab status will be required to enter most venues in addition to nightclubs by the end of this month.

He insisted it was the right thing to do” because large numbers of people mixing in close proximity “could end up causing a real spike in infections”.

They have already planned to roll this out far and wide. “Ministers will meet next week to discuss extending the requirements to a string of other mass events” including “Theatres”.

Vaccine passports could also be introduced for pubs and restaurants to stop a winter lockdown, it’s been reported.

Meanwhile the Scottish parliament approved their plans for vaccine passports, which will come into force from the 1st October 2020, for those seeking entry to nightclubs and large-scale events like sports stadia, despite some fierce criticism from opposition parties and business leaders.


There will be a legal requirement for businesses to “take all reasonable measures” to ensure compliance and Scots could face prosecution if they attempt to visit a venue with a fake vaccine passport. And asked if a similar scheme would be introduced in Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford said it was an issue that would be discussed with his cabinet colleagues next week with an announcement at the latest three-week review next Friday (September 17). So likely the whole of the UK will go in tandem.


For Scotland, their Government actually wrote out the plan in the document “Coronavirus (COVID-19): Strategic Framework updated on 23 Feb 2021”: “Going forward, a vaccine certificate programme may have the potential at the right time to support other non-pharmaceutical interventions in the opening up of international travel and the domestic economy.”


People need to understand that everything which is happening now has been planned many months ago, if not years.

It was last November 2020 when Nadhim Zahawi spoke about vaccine passports for the first time, and this is what he said: “Pubs and venues may turn away people not Covid-vaccinated”. Customers who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine could be turned away by hospitality and sports venues, the government’s vaccine minister suggested, as he discussed the idea of using digital ID technology to reopen the economy and this is what is happening today.


This was their original planning, before they had to backtrack multiple times over the public’s reaction.

And now vaccine passports could be required in venues far beyond nightclubs, Oliver Dowden MP said on Friday 10.09.2021 as ministers pushed ahead with their preparations. Mission creep is already creeping ahead.

The “Extension to use of vaccine passports will be looked at if there is a public health need.” Oliver Dowden says. Mr Dowden told Sky News, the government “Want as few restrictions for as short a period as possible, but that if the situation with coronavirus worsens, ministers will consider requiring vaccine certification to attend more venues to protect the public.”

That reminds me of that famous quote that those who would give up their essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety, and I think that is true, we are opening the doors to far more levels of government intrusion over our daily lives.

And that“Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccinations” – Boris Johnson has previously said on 19 July 2021.

“For some, like entertainment, travel or hospitality, a return to a pre-pandemic environment is unimaginable in the foreseeable future (and maybe NEVER in some cases)”. – Page 60 – Covid-19: The Great Reset – 9 July 2020.


Vaccine passports are set to destroy what remains of the old entertainment economy and there will be no ‘limited use’ of vaccine passports once this rolls out, it’s to be scaled up and it will affect everyone and everywhere. All they need to do is keep announcing new variants and cases and hey presto the public believes them, and we will turn into France and Canada in no time at all. The police will enforce this, turning us into a police-state.

The Opposition Grows:

“Isn’t the super-spreader event the spread of a liberal discriminatory and coercive policy from this despatch box?” – Desmond Swayne said on September 8th, 2021.

“Vaccine passports risk becoming a never ending nightmare for the hospitality sector. We shouldn’t create a two-tier society. The government really should think again.” – Simon Jupp MP

“The Government needs to scrap any idea of introducing Covid passports. They are unnecessary and there is no justification for them in the science and none in logic.”Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee.

“The vote on Covid passports in the Scottish Parliament has put an already fragile night-time economy on a dangerous path to devastation.” – Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night-time Industries Association said.

Bolton MP Chris Green is “to oppose” the vote on vaccine passports saying “It will start off with nightclubs, but how many people go to nightclubs? It’s irrelevant. But from there, they will want to increase the scope.”

Vaccine passports are “dangerous nonsense” warns Baroness Chakrabarti.

“The decision is shameful. It further strips away our liberties. It creates a two-tier, biosecurity state. And it’s not even scientifically sound, as we know that the double-jabbed still transmit Covid. So why bother?” – Dan Wootton.

UK Hospitality has also warned that the vaccine passports could damage industry. (That is the whole point of them.) “This policy will be devastating for businesses that remain fragile and will certainly derail recovery and cost thousands of jobs.” Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UK Hospitality, said. Adding “A scheme introducing mandatory Covid-19 passports for certain venues and events will be unworkable, cause conflict between staff and customers and will force business to deal with complex equality rules.”

Scottish business groups have also sounded the alarm over vaccine passports. “To be clear, the futures of thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs are at risk.”  – Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) chief executive Russell Borthwic said.

“It’s time to stop focussing on the splash of the policy pebble for Covid risks and pay more attention to the much greater ripple effects in the form of discrimination, the breakdown of social cohesion & the erosion of civil liberties”. – Writes Steve Baker for the Times.

If vaccine passports do go ahead, the Johnson government will have made it so that no citizen has genuine freedoms in Britain without carrying papers. To our British sensibilities, that is not freedom at all.

Not only would vaccine passports create exclusion, that exclusion would be structured by existing inequalities. You only need to look at the data on who isn’t yet vaccinated to understand this – the young, the poor, ethnic minorities stand to be all excluded.

Even if we boycott venues over vaccine passports, we risk damaging their businesses, the economy, and jobs, which will further accelerate the Great Reset and increase state dependency. We need all venue managers to come together and outright ban their use. Mass non-compliance is needed.

Digital Identity / Payments:

Vaccine passports will alter society for one simple reason: They set a new precedent for trade of personal health data in the form of verifiable credentials and digital ID’s for access to basic goods and services. So blockchain and biometric data will rival capital as a primary means of exchange, and once you tie in payments data then we see a new digital enslavement paradigm forming.

The very essence of vaccine passports is to regulate and restrict movements for those who have seen through their lies, as well as to discriminate and segregate, and to prolong the destruction of the old normal. Otherwise, what is the point of them?

Digital IDs are being disguised as being a convenient way to prove identity, however they also have a draconian purpose: To loop humanity into the totalitarian, technocratic surveillance system that will be based on social credit scores and obedience to authoritarian dictates. Get your 10th vaccine booster and you’ll have “some” freedoms and a green light on your digital ID. Refuse the latest government mandates and your ID card turns red while you are denied basic human rights. Please don’t be fooled into trading convenience for liberty.


And it’s about to get a lot easier for Canada’s Ontarians to prove their digital identities, with the provincial government announcing that it will introduce digital id later this year. Ontario’s Digital ID program is being touted to improve access to online services, an electronic alternative to government-issued identification cards that can be stored in a digital wallet app for smartphones and other digital devices.


Ontario’s plans for vaccine passport as of last December 2020 were detailed enough to include a mock-up vaccination receipt with a QR code that links to a digital certificate, which could be stored with smartphone apps such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay and scanned to verify someone’s vaccination status.

A summary of proposals drawn up by the Ontario Digital Service, part of the province’s Treasury Board secretariat, outlined in a slide deck labelled “minister’s briefing” and dated Dec. 17, 2020. It said that the vaccine certificates would form part of a wider “Ontario Digital Identity Solution,” the document says, referring to existing plans to make other forms of government ID digital.


The slide deck suggests the digital certificates could “speed up entry-point screening at workplaces, schools, government buildings and/or businesses” and also “motivate Ontarians to get vaccinated sooner, so they can benefit from faster access to these locations.” Citing privacy concerns and distrust of government, the slide deck warns that Ontario must “proactively counter disinformation and drive a positive narrative from the start.”

They also suggested assigning an individual “risk score” to each Ontarian on a scale of zero to five, that would signal whether someone has “full immunity,” has had one or two doses of the vaccine, a recent negative test or has no immunity at all.



And other European nations are adopting national IDs linked to digital ID wallets, from Estonia’s long-time running national identity scheme to the Netherlands’s foundational ID, Europe will soon be conducting much of its digital identity authentication and vaccination verification via a single EU-wide shared app.

Under the new framework, proposed in June 2021, national digital identities will be linked with digital wallets for ID authentication and personal attributes; for example, if Facebook wants age verification, the digital wallet should be enough to prove it. Part of this plan for the European Digital Decade is to reach 100 percent online provision of key public services and 80 percent uptake of digital ID solutions.


Linking payments For point of sale technology to health passports:

Its said that mobile payments will lay the foundations for digital vaccine passports: “These systems are creating new digital IDs expressly for the purpose of vaccine passports. But once these IDs and apps are set up, they can extend to other uses, like a financial wallets or education credentials.” Avivah Litan Vice President at Gartner said.

The aim is to merge vaccine credentials with payments data. “It would make sense for companies involved in digital payment transactions, touchless payments, consumer credit, credit scoring and consumer spending to get their hands around this.” said Kaya A senior analyst covering health insurance and payments for Aite-Novarica.

“It would be helpful if the payment experience could be tied to the vaccine checks,” also said Robert Gaurino, 5 Napkin Burger’s the restaurant chain’s CEO.


Mastercard has also partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce to integrate the two organizations’ digital ID work to support vaccine passports and other health passes. The card network and ICC are working with the Good Health Pass Collaborative, an international group that promotes the sharing of coronavirus vaccination and testing information to develop standards. The Good Health Pass Collaborative includes Hyperledger, IBM and dozens of other organizations that work on blockchain and digital ID projects, such as JPMorgan Chase and American Express.

The government requirements that are designed to force merchants to adopt vaccine passports for entry, or to tie proof of vaccination to a point-of-sale process, Using digital ID for health passes and to authenticate payments, Kaya added.

“These systems are creating new digital IDs expressly for the purpose of vaccine ‘passports,’” said Avivah Litan, a vice president at Gartner Research who specializes in artificial intelligence and blockchain. “But once these IDs and apps are setup they can extend to other uses, like a financial wallet or education credentials.”

Financial institutions are already testing digital ID technology, which could incorporate a health pass without much effort. Mastercard have also captured biometrics of 30 million Africans. A joint venture by Mastercard’s Community Pass and its partner Paycode aims to capture the biometrics of 30 million individuals in remote parts of Africa over the next three years.

The plan is to issue them with a Mastercard Community Pass biometric smart card running Paycode’s platforms to provide a biometric digital identity and digital bank accounts.

“Together, Paycode and Mastercard deliver a path to prosperity, enabling users to manage day-to-day needs including paying school fees for children, getting vaccinations for their families, selling goods, and growing their businesses,” states the release. The partnership intends to help card holders “seamlessly access financial, health, agricultural, or aid services across providers, including government disbursements.”


Interestingly San Marino is also adopting NFT based vaccine passports. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

Each passport takes the form of a non-Fungible Token (NFT). This digital asset then incorporates the use of two QR codes to verify the asset-owner’s vaccination record in VeChain’s blockchain ledger, allowing an immutable, secure, and seamless proof of vaccination status.

VeChainThor public blockchain provides a well-balanced infrastructure for the government, public and private sectors to work together to create a single, standardised verification system framework.

The fusion of digital ID on blockchain with NFT’s and payments will launch a new paradigm of digital subservience within the blockchain AI Metaverse.


And in a brand new press briefing posted on: 9th September 2021 by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change titled “Digital Identity Roundtable: Key Takeaways”, it again is pushing the need for Digital ID and on point 9 of the document it says:

“Despite presenting huge challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted perceptions around the use of digital tools, with many transactions forced online, and with the emergence of digital health passes introducing users to the value of digital means of identification. Several participants said that they would explore ‘expanding use cases of digital health passes over time.’ Others said that the pandemic has pushed them to further reduce the need for in person transactions in the digital ID process.” 


Vaccine passports are fundamentally mis-named because they have little to do with travel and everything to do with a centralised or decentralised databases of your personal health information. It amounts to a checkpoint to services, venues, and events and they will look to expand this.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that a digital ID scheme of this kind opens the door to a major change in the relationship between us and the state. Never in peacetime has government in this country controlled where we can go, with whom and what to do in this way.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”. – Thomas Jefferson


No one should be forced to obtain a vaccination against their will in any way. It isn’t free will if people are threatened with continued loss of freedom or told they wouldn’t be able to go to the pub or restaurant unless they can prove they are vaccinated.

The introduction of vaccine passports serves two functions, one they will forever change our lives; they are the finishing death move aimed to accelerate the economic great reset. Second, they will be the key passes to our lives living under a Chinese style 4IR digital system.

Vaccine passports represent an alarming incursion on our civil liberties. Their introduction will fundamentally alter the very nature of British society, preventing all citizens from participating freely and equally in public life.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” – Thomas Paine. The American Crisis written 250 years ago. Humanity needs us all more than ever, tyranny is having its final act.


We should never have to be forced into medical interventions by the state to keep our freedoms. Covid passes means no future for us, it’s no future for our children, it’s no future for our grandchildren.

The fact of the matter is people around the world have sleepwalked into totalitarianism — all because they made the mistake of trading freedoms for the illusion of government protection from a relatively benign virus, which they had been convinced was akin to the bubonic plague.

Once people get on this compliance treadmill, they will not be able to get off. You must keep complying or lose your privileges – which used to be everyday freedoms we’ve taken for granted our entire lives. Is that the life you want for yourself and your children?

For some freedom has now become a word that sounds cheap or sounds selfish, but when you compare it to what the alternate reality could be, it reminds us that it’s still worth fighting for.


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