‘Vaccine Passports: The Engineered Crisis to Build Digital ID for All.’

Vaccine Passports ‘The Engineered Crisis to Build Digital Identity for All.’

The pandemic was as engineered crisis to bring about an economic reset, transhumanism via new technological therapeutics and a biometrically linked digital identity platform.

This bio-fascism, very much driven by ‘Big Tech’ leaders, is a war against all humans and the qualities that make us human. Many of the COVID-19 policies seem to be designed to ensure that humans will have no “analogue” space or “analogue” culture left and made to feel uncomfortable simply gathering in a room, touching one another as friends or allies, or joining together.

We don’t just face a war on freedom itself, but we face a war on human beings, and on all that makes us human.

Current Status:

Its official, Scotland will become the first medical vaccine apartheid country within the UK. No regular booster? Then no access to society. The digital ID’s would apply to nightclubs and entertainment venues with more than 500 people. Nicola Sturgeon wants proof of vaccination to be mandatory for entry to nightclubs, festivals and football matches under new laws set to come into force this month.


The new vaccine certification and digital medical ID rules mean anyone over the age of 18 will need to show they have had both doses and further boosters before they are allowed entry into:

  • Nightclubs and adult entertainment venues.
  • Unseated indoor live events, with more than 500 people in the audience – Including large indian Weddings.
  • Unseated outdoor live events, with more than 4,000 people in the audience.
  • Any event, of any nature, which has more than 10,000 people in attendance.

Remember the CCP embraced health status apps and vaccine passports very early on and urged Western countries to “harmonize” their policies with that of China, where QR codes are used to designate who may or may not enter public spaces, based on their infection status.

English ministers are delaying a decision on making vaccine passports requirement for nightclubs until the last minute. A firm decision on the policy is likely to be held off until the middle of September 2021, but very likely to follow the Scots.

The government has said it will continue with its plans for vaccine passports for nightclubs and some other indoor venues from the end of September.

The proposals, which will only apply in England, have proved unpopular with some Conservative MPs and vaccine passports have been rumoured to be facing the axe. But the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the plans would not change.

“Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccinations” – Boris Johnson said on 19 July 2021.


No 10 is to press on with plans for domestic Covid vaccine passports in England. “We set out broadly our intention to require vaccination for nightclubs and some other settings. We will be coming forward in the coming weeks with details for that.”  – The spokesman warned.

In Wales and Scotland, the same is happening, vaccine passports would only create further problems for Scottish pubs, clubs, and restaurants. “Introducing vaccine passports is a move that wouldn’t necessarily be all that popular, with many in the hard-pressed service industries resisting the idea that it’s their job to effectively force people to get jabbed.”

It’s worth noting that the DHSC has signed another Vaccine Passport contract worth £156K with a Biometrics and Digital ID management provider identitye2e. It’s for the implementation of NHSX technical architectures to deliver Cloud, Security and Operational services. They are continuing to build the permanent infrastructure, which will be eventually repurposed for an all-encompassing digital identity system.

The Plan:

“Long predating Covid, we were working on the intersection of digital credentials and immunization.” – Dakota Gruener Executive Director of  ID2020 said on 04.02.2021.

According to the Sustainable Development Goal SDG 16 of the U.N. Agenda 2030, we’re going to need a digital identity. This high-minded goal doesn’t tell us that, it simply describes itself as:

“The promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.”

The devil is in the details. Drilling down a level to target 16.9, the goal is “By 2030 to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

However the World Bank states that birth registration alone is not enough. Health treatments need to be tracked also, including vaccinations. It will be needed for banks and households where there’s “more than one family.”

They say: “Birth registration alone is not enough; there needs to be a process to monitor and register other life events, as well as to credential individuals to participate fully in their societies and economies throughout life. Health treatments need to be tracked, including vaccinations.”


The World Bank argues that SDG16.9 is “key to attainment of many other SDG goals”.

Everyone asks “So what’s the end goal?” film producer the late Aaron Russo asked his friend Nicholas Rockefeller and Rockefeller replied, “The end goal is to get everybody chipped.”

This makes perfect sense, the digital QR codes and phone apps will eventually be replaced with the Internet of Bodies.


The U.N., Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, and a host of other stakeholders came up with the ID2020 in 2016, a program aimed at giving every human on the planet a digital ID, like a fingerprint, to keep everyone connected.

As companies are only now defining what a proper, official online ID looks like, ID2020 seeks to help define what a ‘good’ digital ID is. Gates and the Board of the Alliance have a ‘Certification Mark’ that they award to companies and technologies that meet the criteria of being ‘good’ digital ID tech.

The idea behind some of ID2020’s more controversial technologies is a digital ID, ostensibly this is to help homeless people or people in developing countries by giving them access to blockchain-powered identification.

In theory, the practice will have people receiving free vaccinations through the Bill Gates foundations in turn, digital ID would carry encrypted, blockchain-backed data that would allow for easy access to services you can’t normally get without an ID. It could also help social workers and researchers keep up with who is up to date on their vaccinations.

All they must do is link everything together and tie all the various data points to each individual person. Once that’s done, you either obey whatever decree comes out next, or you’ll find yourself unplugged from the matrix that is everyday life.

Forget privacy – you’ll have none. The Great Reset ties you to its control system through an electronic ID linked to your bank account, health records and social credit system, so that it can then be used to dictate every facet of our lives.

It’s not ‘just a vaccine passport’ the “So-called digital ‘vaccination passports will play a key role in enabling citizens to access all manner of services and will act as a precursor to the rollout of mobile digital IDs.” Thales Group said.

The defence contractor Thales calls digital vaccination passes the “precursor” to universal digital identification. “To facilitate transition from short-term relief to redesign, the health pass can be extended into a wide-ranging and capable digital ID/health wallet. This provides a secure and intuitive smartphone-based location for an array of digital ID and health credentials.” Thales Group.

So, the globalists need digital ID by 2030 and the WHO needs everyone immunised by 2030.

The agenda was being worked on long before manufacture of Covid-19. Their Global Vaccine Action Plan of 2012 was about to expire in 2020 to be replaced with Immunisation Agenda 2030.

Here’s proof: Copenhagen, Vaccine Industry Consultation – September 2019, “With GVAP coming to an end in 2020 new vision and strategy for vaccines and immunisation is needed …”

They’ve been working on this for years and it’s linked to 14 of 17 of the agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and their presentations are complete with Agenda 2030 slogans like “leaving no-one behind.”

The Sustainable Development Goals, Identity, and Privacy: Does their implementation risk human rights?

While birth registration is the only form of identification specifically mentioned in SDG 16.9, the initiatives that have emerged from the goal seem to have barely considered it. Rather, they are concerned about other technologies: the likes of national ID cards, biometrics, and more exotic and untested technologies like blockchain.

“Identity” is an important part of all our lives and having the ability to prove who we are is empowering. Having control over our identity can help not only achieve the necessities of life, but also more fundamental concerns of dignity and autonomy.

Implementing SDG 16.9 could be done in a way that does not risk this. Yet, if the push is towards greater implementation of some centralised, unique, insecure, one-size-fits-all identity systems which fail to consider the individual, their needs, and rights, it can prove to be the opposite.

The problem is ID systems can lead to surveillance, tracking and profiling by states and private companies; they can exclude rather than include, they can limit opportunities and become a tool for control and repression.

Without proper consideration, SDG 16.9 could lead to a move against not only the broader Goal 16 for peaceful and sustainable societies, but also be damaging for human rights, and ultimately harm the very people it was intended to help.

It is much more convincing to argue that the vaccine passport is the touchstone of the new authoritarian system that is being built around us under the pretext of a virus.

The vaccine passport being in play has massive benefits in terms of control over populations. It allows them to create a system of inclusion and exclusion that is comprehensive and can be rolled out to every sphere of life.

Introduced in a step-by-step manner, beginning with international travel / large gatherings, and ending with supermarkets and public services. People will rationalise each step as not being bad, whereas an immediate full spectrum digital passport would be more likely to create resistance.

The benefit that they have for the elite is that they can be switched off at any time. Anyone who dissents from the official narrative can simply have their digital passport made invalid. This prevents resistance to the world government or NGO authority. If they don’t like what you say, then you can be switched off – See Facebook joins digital identity alliance ID2020.

The short-term goal is the vaccine passports, but the long-term goal is the normalisation of transhumanism and the COVID-19 narrative is to destroy our links with the natural world forcing us into a digital Blockchain Metaverse.

They’re using COVID19 to form a ‘global private digital health passport authority’ and in doing so, they are resolutely pushing ahead with their techno-authoritarian plans fusing ‘WEF Known-Traveller Digital Identity’, ‘ID2020′ and Rockefeller Lockstep.

ID2020 is a diverse lot of stakeholders. Bill Gates is a founding member. UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises are all very invested in developing this. It was first foisted on vulnerable people like refugees and homeless, but now it is expanding to include everyone.

The stakeholders are a mix of UN agencies, Blockchain companies, financial services to the developing world, vaccine makers, biometrics companies, refugee agencies, and lawyers. Some of the stakeholders like the UN’s ICC (International Computing Centre), Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Blockchain is about using your “health data,” including real time biosensor data, to build out our digital twins for health IT and human capital finance.

We cannot let the tools used to fight for public health be subverted into systems to perpetuate inequity or as cover for unrelated, unnecessary data collection.

This is no longer conspiracy, many have started to question the alliances and we only have to look at the recently released WHO Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates and vaccination status:

Technical specifications and implementation guidance for countries, issued 27 August 2021. “This work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Estonia, Foundation Botnar, the State of Kuwait, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The views of the funding bodies have not influenced the content of this document.”


Economic Devastation Awaits:

In most countries the two jabbed ratio is 60/40, that means 40% of us can’t eat at restaurants, go to bars, nightclubs, concerts, or sports events. And no business can take a 40% or 50% loss of sales, which means EVERYONE is going to go out of business and millions of people will lose their jobs.

And once the passports are updated to include 5 monthly boosters, I think you will find a large percentage of people will be permanently locked out of society. The system is only going to be scaled out further until it touches every aspect of our being.

In Canada, businesses that resist the vaccine passport program are forced to close, which could lead to economic carnage.


The US is sticking to a rolling 8-month booster jab plan, says Fauci. “We’re still planning on eight months,” he said during an appearance on the NBC television programme Meet the Press. “That’s the plan that we have, but we are open to data as they come in,”


Fauci also said he favours requiring shots for schoolchildren as “a good idea” for the U.S., where only people 12 years and older are eligible for vaccination. Fauci discusses requiring COVID-19 booster shots every 5 months. No booster, no job! And the end of freedoms when our vaccine passports expire.

What happens if you miss your 5/6/8 monthly injections? You might just find yourself a nonperson and an anti vaxxer suddenly, with no access to food, money, or services of any kind and probably no real human being to complain or object to either. So ultimately the passports don’t prove immunity; they prove compliance.

The human cost in this is an absolute tragedy. B.C.’s vaccine passport will likely make life more difficult for homeless people, advocates say. People who experience homelessness in B.C. and those who advocate for them say they’re worried about how the province’s vaccine passport will impact their day-to-day lives.

Lynette Perrault, who says she has lived in and out of shelters for most of her adult life, says a lot of people like her don’t have ID or a cell phone. Perrault also worries she won’t be able to access public spaces like libraries, restaurants and community centres.


The Canadian British Columbia government is willing to punish medically vulnerable, disabled people and those who have had adverse reactions, through social isolation and exclusion to implement vaccine passports.


And the Canada New Democratic Party Leader @theJagmeetSingh supports mandatory vaccines saying: “We absolutely believe that there needs to be ‘Mandatory’ vaccines and there would be ‘consequences’ for those who are not able to or not willing to do that.”

Consequences? The way we’re going, it’s not hard to imagine a future in which unvaccinated people aren’t allowed to hold a job, get an education, travel, or have access to basic financial services.

Taken at face value, the rhetoric thrown around right now indicates the plan is to basically destroy the life for anyone who refuses to consent to be a part of this failed medical experiment.


‘Vaccine Passports are the complete reimagining of society’. Their sole purpose is to destroy the old economic structures. This is the Great Reset.

For those who think authorities wouldn’t get so tyrannical, please start paying attention and heed the lessons of history. The price of liberty is ‘eternal vigilance’, and it is well past time to be vigilant as unprecedented repression is happening without justification.

This is now about the long game. Any freedom you’re willing to give up today, you won’t get back tomorrow. Vaccine passport & Digital ID wallets will only remain valid if you’re in compliance with the rules of the day.

Right now, the price of admission to society is one or two COVID shots. In a couple of months, it’ll be another shot. And then another, and then something else.

The darkest age of digital slavery is now on our doorstep. If we don’t mount a resistance like in France are doing, there will be no hope left. The way out of this nightmare, is to say “NO” now, while there’s still enough of us to turn the tide #Together.

Liberty lives and dies by the culture. If the culture hates liberty, no government edict can preserve it, not even the constitution.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” warned Ronald Reagan: “It must be fought for, protected, and handed on [to our children] for them to do the same.”


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