‘Vaccine Passports Don’t Work They Only Bring Micro Chips’

‘Vaccine Passports Don’t Work They Only Bring Micro Chips’

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It’s fair to say that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ have had a pretty good pandemic. We are being told that we must except shots for life for a mere cold, else they will lock us down, in fact many are now voluntary locking themselves down over this Christmas period. And for the most subservient of covid cultists, they are happy to accept a free government app, so that they can be controlled, and told where they can go.


Britain is now considering a fourth Covid vaccination (queue next variant please). In fact we are mirroring Israel’s direction, their Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Israelis will now be eligible for a ‘Fourth Covid Vaccination.’ (For a cold).

A fourth Covid-19 vaccination will also be necessary in Germany to slow the spread of the new Omicron variant, their German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has said. The fact of the matter remains “Even triple-vaccinated people can still transmit the disease, and that they will have to be tested, especially around vulnerable people.” And “Vaccine’s efficacy against the virus dropped about 25 percent after three months, even after three doses”. – BioNTech CEO Ugur Shain has warned.

Vaccine Passports:

In France: Their health pass will soon become a “vaccine only pass”, whereby a negative PCR test will no longer be accepted, which can only be activated with a complete (Three dose for now) vaccination schedule. In fact the implementation of vaccine passports in France is being “disguised” as a form of vaccine mandates, the country’s Minister of Health openly admitted.

Covid vaccines are not really about the vaccines at all, They are about what they symbolise. What it means to be “vaxxed” or “unvaxxed”, “safe” or “dangerous”, “clean”, or “dirty”, “sensible”, or “irresponsible”, “compliant”, or “independent”.

Covid-19 is fast becoming a kind of techno-political sandbox, a kind of testing-ground for new ways of being human in an increasingly post-human world. Once we have accepted the premise that deep and ubiquitous levels of surveillance, monitoring and control are a price worth paying for safety, and we seem to have done that already, then almost anything is possible. This is all part of a deeper movement to integrate humanity into a machine, the Covid totalitarianism machine.

But we can already see that these Covid passports on their surface have dismally failed, with sporting events inside Wales and Scotland set to be played behind closed doors from Boxing Day, they have had covid passports for many months. And the Scottish Government has ordered nightclubs to close for at least three weeks from December 27th 2021, Deputy First Minister John Swinney has said. Even though you could only get into these venues with a valid Covid Pass.

Digital ID:

“With decentralized technology and verifiable credentials, individuals everywhere can gain ownership of their own digital identity”. – According to Toby Berger, Director at Affinidi Travel. And Jumio’s Chief Product Officer Bala Kumar had this to say: “For life to get back to normalcy and to do it in a safe manner, it is critical that we have as ‘many vaccinations as possible’. I don’t see a pathway in the next 12 to 18 months where life can go on without proof of vaccination.” The same Bala Kumar has also been pushing for face biometrics to validate vaccine passports.

Recently a tweet from @DigitHarium which is a global forum to discuss and debate digital transformation in the humanitarian sector quoted the head of ID2020 Dakota Gruener saying: “[Digital] Identity determines which rights and services we can access. Our current models, however, are not adequate.” Ultimately our Digital ID will determine which human rights and services we will have access to. Freedom-As-A-Service is what they mean.

“We’re seeing a convergence of different initiatives [EIDAS regulations / electronic ID and COVID-19 Certificates] at the moment where the potential for using these kinds of digital tools in a broader context to potentially materialize in the coming years.” said Michiel Sweerts, policy officer, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission.

Digital identities could be directly tied to economic activity and vaccine compliance via a vaccine passport. These are just two indicators used by the World Bank and other NGO’s, to assess fiscal and pharmaceutical policies at a country level. We know that the vaccine passports are not only unreliable, but they’re also dangerous and that vaccine passports undermine democracy by violating the basic constitutional rights of everyone, progressives, libertarians, and conservatives.

Civil Liberties:

Amnesty International has said that Tunisia’s vaccine passports decree violates civil liberties. Amnesty International urged the authorities to suspend application of the decree, saying it contained provisions which violate human rights. “The Tunisian authorities must not implement the new decree-law until they have amended it to ensure the vaccine pass requirements do not violate international human rights law by needlessly threatening the livelihoods of Tunisians by inflicting unduly harsh penalties for non-compliance,” the rights group said.

And a Court in the German region of Lower Saxony ruled against vaccine passports use. The Saxony High Administrative Court overturned the implementation of Covid restrictions, dubbed 2G rule, in the retail sector. So we can cleary see that red flags are being drawn on their use.

Tony Blair:

And then we have the infamous Tony Blair which seems to rear his rotten rear every time the agenda needs to be pushed further, and this time he said: “If you’re not vaccinated and you’re eligible… you’re not just irresponsible, you’re an idiot.”. Reading the comments on this tweet, most people say we should not be taking health advice from a mass murderer, and I agree. He has no morality to be believed.

This is just one of the many figureheads which have come out from the establish to lambast people in recent weeks. They are pretending that they came about us and our health, while at the same time calling us derogatory names.

It’s worth noting that the Blair Institute is part of an alliance of companies called the Good Health Pass Collaborative, which is working to develop vaccine passports. And this is the same man who is in bed with the Gates based ID2020 group which launched the ‘Global Health Pass Collaborative’ a Mobile ID vaccine passport solution in February of 2021. He is their figure head and features on the front page.

And from his latest policy report ‘Staying Ahead of the Covid Curve’, which by the way is directed at the Government, this one is even more dystopic and sinister than the last.


It imagines a world, where “the end of the pandemic will occur only when vaccines are available, absorbed and administered globally.” [And frequently]. Which puts the country in a “Command and Control [war] footing, with a coherent national Public Health Emergency Operations Centre”. And that the “Covid passes should be the core tool for reducing transmission in the event of a variant of concern.”

It states the: “The government should now ignore the ‘vocal minority’ who view Covid passes as a form of excessive state coercion.” And instead “expand their use – for instance into all hospitality settings.”

Further Recommendations include: “Authorise the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 ASAP to minimise the impact on schools in 2022.” The role of lateral-flow tests: “linking to an effective Covid pass.” and he also said we need to Prepare for fourth Covid jabs is now needed to ‘stay ahead of curve”.

Here is Tony Blair on the 8th of July 2020 saying: “Biometric Digital ID for me is a very big part of the future”. Remember Digital identity is a major component of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda as it relates to transformative technologies powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution project.

And again on 06.01.2021 he said: “Here’s what’s going to happen, I think you will get to the stage where it’s going to be very hard for people to do a lot of ‘NORMAL LIFE’, unless they can prove their ‘vaccination status’. Vaccination is going to be in the end your route to liberty.”

And again, in June 2021. “I remain even more convinced today, particularly with biometric technology. The world will move to biometric ID, and they will do it because in the end, it is better for people.”

If you want to know further as to what Tony Blair and his institute have been planning since around June 2020 from a digital ID aspect then this is a must-read article, which explained how the vaccine passports are meant to drive digital id platforms and a flourishing big tech ecosystem based on an authoritative and foundational ID.


After all, the technocratic totalitarianism that’s coming for every country is modelled after the Chinese Communist Party’s style of authoritarian rule, and the digital surveillance apparatus that allows the CCP to reach into the homes and lives of every resident.

The goal of the COVID countermeasures is clear. It’s nothing to do with protecting us from a virus. The excuse being used is to implement a series of sweeping societal changes that will bring us into a dystopian anti-human civilization which we will not be able to free ourselves.

Many believe that COVID has always been about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And the key one is SDG 16.9 [Digital Identity for all.] The only way the pandemic ends, is to reach that goal aka Vaccine Passports because that underpins the rest of SDG’s and the march towards 2030. Listen to Tedros above for the nod to them.


We will have our permanent, global health passports, and they will then merge with the already-existing digital ID technologies and the rollout of digital currency, to create for us all a personalised digital identity wallet. This will be presented as an optional convenience but will soon enough become a basic requirement for taking part in the life of society, just as smartphones, credit cards and paper passports have.

Once we have accepted the premise that deep and ubiquitous levels of surveillance, monitoring and control are a price worth paying for safety – and we seem to have done that already – then almost anything is possible. Media outlets are producing slick little films detailing how your covid passport could be conveniently stored on a microchip embedded in your skin.

The FDA has already approved pills implanted with ‘digital ingestion tracking systems’, which send a signal to a smartphone when the medicine is taken. Perhaps you will be able to pay for them with your biometric cash card, imprinted with fingerprint data.

These are the coming times, and they are herding us directly and deliberately towards the main target: the ‘Internet of Bodies’, in which we begin to merge, finally, with the machines we have made.

In terms of the next steps: Well it’s going to involve many, many more boosters, Smart Pills, Smart Vaccine Patches and the normalisation of Microchip Implants. In 10-15 years, microchipped humans will be an everyday occurrence. The vaccination passports of the future will be under your skin, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Implants are a very versatile technology that can be used for many different things,” says Epicenter’s Chief Disruption Officer Hannes Sjöblad. “Right now, it is very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant.” Whats next? Microchip brain implants – ‘human enhancements ‘will allow us to ‘interface’ directly with the web – this will be with us sooner than we think: We are fast heading towards Chipped Hands, Chipped Heads – The Dark Future of Bio-Implants.


Covid has provided the perfect testing ground and launchpad for the next generation of digital surveillance-and-control technologies which have been on the drawing board for years. We are living through a time in which the conflict between technocracy and democracy has spilled out into the open: the battle is being fought daily now on street and on screen.

Once countries are fully on-board with Biometric ID, everything will be linked to it. There will be no place to hide from the digital prison system. Efforts must be made to put a stop to the digital ID and all it entails now, before it’s too late.

In days gone by, it was considered necessary to sacrifice our lives for freedom. It now appears necessary to sacrifice our freedoms for lives. Vaccine passports will kill our freedoms, and we should never comply.


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