‘Vaccine Passports: Scotland Falls into Tech Tyranny’


The real pandemic being perpetrated against humanity is one of unprecedented tyranny, lies and corruption. The world has been set on fire with the flames of vaccine mandates, food and fuel shortages, mass unemployment and encroaching pharmaceutical police state.

But what if the reason for declaring a pandemic was to destroy the current world system and institute a “New Normal World Order?

The future that is now being handed to us is one that will be shaped by Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. We are swapping our vibrant human spirits for sanitized blockchain digital identities and digital twins of ourselves that will ultimately be managed as human capital by our callous technocrat overlords.

We need people to understand that the blockchain smart contract transcripts are one part of a much larger agenda tied to a global economic reboot. The goal of the World Economic Forum is to create a literal Internet of Bodies using 5G (soon 6G via Tesla satellites) and “a smart city” Internet of Things sensors. For this to take place, people will need to be linked to the blockchain via Covid digital Identities.

We are now crossing the Rubicon not just into surveillance capitalism, but into full-on bio capitalism. Our bodies will be mined for data that will run massive futures markets on human capital. They need blockchain digital identity and they need it brought to scale fast, and that’s what we are seeing take hold in every country, this is the move to the new data models.


To understand vaccine passports at their basic wider context: the “Widespread consensus among ID2020 attendees that identity is both a fundamental human right and a necessary prerequisite for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.” Digital ID is a prerequisite for all the other 2030 Sustainable development goals, it’s their foundational layer, everything else will work and be built upon this interoperable digital identity platform.

The idea of having a digital ID seems like a novel one but when we look under the surface the implications are far more frightening. The QR code become our identity mark, or a certification mark and we will all become products of the new normal dictatorial world government.


Take IBM’s recent blog post: “Outside of healthcare, using the core blockchain-based self-sovereign verified credentialing technology behind our vaccine passport, governments can offer broader services like digital driver’s licenses or other digital identities and organizations can offer digital employee identification”. – IBM.

That’s right the goal is an end-to-end digital identity platform, combining health data / vaccination status with banking and other personally identifiable data. Digital ID is also picking up for one London based company the “Cheqd’s software enables individuals to have their own digital ID that they can store on their mobile phone and verify their identity or information such as their qualifications, vaccine status or credit history.”


They have already started unifying vaccine status with banking and credit history data, frightening. And notice how the same international players pushing vaccine mandates are at the forefront of implementing the digital ID and cashless systems or are closely allied with those who are? Read more here:

Scotland Falls:

The vaccine passports agenda is being coordinated outside of normal democracy by the transnational tyrannical elite and the Government’s around the world have been colluding with them effectively obeying orders from above.

The latest from Scotland is that vaccine only passports will be introduced today but businesses will not be legally forced to implement them for another two weeks. Businesses will face no punishment if they do not comply with the rules up to Monday 18th October 2021

Under the certification scheme restaurants, pubs, hotels, and nightclubs will be required to ask for proof of vaccination if they serve alcohol between midnight and 5am, have a dance floor, and play live or recorded music. Only those that meet all three conditions will need to comply.

Jab proof will also be needed for unseated live events with over 500 people indoors and 4,000 outdoors, plus any gathering of more than 10,000.

We know that thousands of hotels and pubs risk being caught up in this vaccine passport trap, it has been designed in such a way that eventually no business no matter how big or small is to partake in this hideous discrimination exercise.


Some trade groups have taken legal action to complain that the wording means late-night bars, pubs and hotels are covered by the rules. Obviously, nightlife businesses will have to foot the bill for extra staffing and digital devices to scan the passports.

The Night-time Industries Association (NTIA) were recently unsuccessful in their legal challenge against the Scottish Government’s vaccination certification scheme.

Scotland SHG spokesman Stephen Montgomery said, “the added burden of checking Covid vaccine status was deterring workers from taking jobs in hospitality, which has already been hit by job uncertainty because of lockdowns.”

Mr Halcro Johnston, who is his party’s spokesman on Business and Enterprise, said the “SNP ministers should now drop the vaccine passports plans entirely as businesses and the public have lost all confidence in the government’s approach.”

Nicola Sturgeon revealed that a “grace period” for venues would be in place when the scheme launches today. But fresh guidance published said sites such as nightclubs must “develop a compliance plan describing the system that will operate” when the period ends on October 18. Compliance plans?


This means that more than 600,000 people across Scotland are set to be excluded from music concerts, football matches and nightclubs when the certification scheme comes into force. And almost a quarter (23%) of Glasgow City council areas over 18 population (119,000 people) look set to be affected. The city has the greatest proportion of people not fully vaccinated against the disease in the country.

It’s been admitted that Nicola Sturgeon’s vaccine passports will significantly infringe human rights and provide only “a very small contribution” to public health, legal experts have said, vaccine passports are not a silver bullet they have said.


And in a nod to the ruling Ingsoc party in George Orwell novel 1984, “The Scottish Government has turn­ed into a factory for authoritarian Covid rules and regul­ations that make no one safer.” – Silkie Carlo said.

“A drinks reception held at the end of a business conference would require certification if it met the attendee threshold but a coffee break during the event would not.” Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, branded the diktat “nonsense”.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the recent court judgement was “clear and emphatic”. She said: “This is a targeted and proportionate way to try and reduce the harm the virus will do over the winter months, to keep our economy open and fully functioning.”

Adding “We will continue to engage with businesses not just in the run-up to the enforcement of this on 18 October, we will do that afterwards as well, so we are listening and understanding and working collectively to keep the country as safe as possible.”

The mysterious virus only comes out after midnight. “The person responsible for operating the premises will be under a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that after midnight, only customers who are fully vaccinated are on the premises.”

“It doesn’t stop spread. There’s no evidence.” “It’s terrible. It’s iniquitous, it’s inequitable. If sense was applied it would be ditched, the definition of a nightclub is ridiculous. Is it right that a steward is asked to check someone’s medical data.”? – Glasgow Nightclub Boss said.


Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “The sensible thing would be to tear up these guidelines and put the civil servants who wrote them to work on the ways we know tackle Covid-19 — testing, tracing and vaccinating.”

And you will even need vaccine passports to attend fireworks displays in parks. Councillors have agreed to cancel this year’s Council fireworks events in Dumbarton and Dalmuir in November following the introduction of new Covid-19 restrictions. The decision comes after the new vaccine passport guidance was agreed in the Scottish Parliament than means any adult attending a large event from October 1, 2021, will be required to present their vaccine passport before they can be admitted.


Scotland’s Covid vaccine passport plans would have been blocked by a judge. Lord Keen of Elie QC, who represented the NTIA group said there was a “very stateable and real case” that minister’s “have not acted proportionally about these regulations”. He called the scheme “unlawful, irrational and disproportionate” and claimed it would force businesses to break equality laws by discriminating against minority ethnic groups with lower levels of vaccine uptake.


But Yesterday a Judge refused to delay Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme. Lord Burns said he did not accept that the petitioners had demonstrated the scheme was “disproportionate, irrational or unreasonable”, or that it infringed on their rights. He said it was “an attempt to address the legitimate issues identified in a balanced way” and “was within the margin of what the government could decide was a reasonable response to the pandemic.”


The head of a human rights body has said the case for certification in Scotland has not been made by the Scottish Government, and the evidence should be made available publicly.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) is also being urged to investigate plans for coronavirus vaccine passports amid fears that the scheme could see some Scots “systematically excluded” from places and events. Scotland’s human rights chief raised concerns over plans. They say the Scottish Government should set out evidence to demonstrate that it meets the key human rights tests of necessity and proportionality.


“We haven’t seen the regulations that the government are still drafting, we haven’t seen any guidance from the Scottish Government and the government hasn’t produced any business impact assessment or indeed a quality impact assessment either.”Leon Thompson, of UK Hospitality said last week.

And there have been murmurs of how covid vaccine passports should be expanded to become full-blown medical ID cards, Alastair Stewart wrote. “I’m now perpetually scared of Covid-19. I’m not sitting around, waiting for the other shoe to fall. But I seem to be part of the silent majority seriously worried that normalcy is a pipe dream.”

These vaccine passports are a dangerously discriminatory measure that automatically transforms an entire category of people into second-class citizens overnight, and that Scotland is going down the same path as China.


Is there any evidence to support vaccine passports? No, there is no evidence, take this damming report: An evidence-based debate about COVID certificates they concluded “However, according to the researchers Algorithm Watch talked to, as things stand, it is hard to imagine a proper evidence-based debate about the domestic use of COVID passes.”

A key question is so why do we need vaccine passports for the common cold? Covid could be like a common cold by spring say experts.


Do we really need mass vaccinations and vaccine passports to contain a virus with an IFR of 0.096%?

The vaccine passports will make life slowly unbearable for all of us even the vaccinated. Acceptance of this technology that everyone currently thinks is fantastic will become the ‘albatross’ around everyone’s neck and you will no longer be your own person; we will all be owned by big technology and big pharma, with big government doing their dirty work.


We only must look at Italy to garner what’s in store for Scotland, essentially, the Italian government adopted a textbook frog-in-boiling-water approach. The green pass was announced in mid-July, pretty much out of the blue, despite very few hospitalisations for Covid and a vaccination rate well above the European average. When they first came into force on August 6, 2021, they were initially limited to indoor restaurants, museums, cinemas, and sports venues.

Given that it was the middle of the holiday season, and that most restaurants in the summer offer outdoor seating (no green pass required), the impact of the measure was initially rather limited.

But that soon changed. On September 1, 2021, the green pass became mandatory for medium and long-distance public transport, as well as for all schoolteachers, staff, and university students. And just a week ago came the decision to extend it to all public and private-sector workers a move that caught almost everyone by surprise.

Covid passports especially when so sweeping in scope raise serious ethical and political issues. With these changes, we are effectively stripping citizens who haven’t broken any law whatsoever of their basic constitutional rights, the right to work, to study, to move freely. That should give anyone reason to pause and reflect on the path Scotland and soon to be England are on.

For Italy this kind of discrimination is in direct violation of EU Regulation 2021/953, which states that “[t]he issuance of [Covid] certificates… should not lead to discrimination on the basis of the possession of a specific category of certificate”, and that “[i]t is necessary to prevent direct or indirect discrimination against persons who are not vaccinated, for example because of medical reasons… or because they have not yet had the opportunity or chose not to be vaccinated”. This is also echoed by Resolution 2361 (2021) of the Council of Europe.

In fact, the word “discrimination” doesn’t even begin to do justice to what we are witnessing in Italy. Representatives of the political, medical and media establishment have openly accused the unvaccinated of being “rats”, “sub-humans” and “criminals”, who deserve to be “excluded from public life” and “from the national health service” and even to “die like flies”. Perhaps more worryingly, both prime minister Mario Draghi and the president Sergio Mattarella have accused the unvaccinated of “putting the lives of others at risk” (a claim based on the assumption that the vaccinated aren’t contagious).

The vaccine passport could easily become a way of surreptitiously prolonging a state of emergency, thereby further entrenching the marginalisation of political parties and parliament, the unprecedented concentration of power in the executive and technocratic apparatuses of the state and the growing influence of the EU over national policymaking. It’s obvious the real aim of the vaccine passport is meticulous and unconditional control over all movements of citizens.


What about England? Well vaccine passports in nightclubs under the Government’s Covid contingency Plan B will lead to a two-tier society and have devastating effects for the night life industry, experts have warned of this.

The biggest problem these vaccine passport proposals is scope creep: “The government hopes that it would not be necessary to mandate vaccine certification more widely than these settings, though as the Autumn and Winter Plan explained this cannot be entirely ruled out.” And At this point in time, the government expects that booster jabs would not be required in order to be considered fully vaccinated.”

They cannot in no way rule out the expansion of these systems.

We can take it from the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla who recently made a prediction that “normal life returning within a year”, although he provided a caveat to his declaration, adding “people should not be able to live their lives without having vaccinations.”

We can also look at Israel where their prime minister said that “students who have passed more than six months since receiving the second dose and have not yet received the third dose will not be able to enter schools.”

And in Australia: “It won’t be a vaccine passport you’ll be showing in the first half of next year, (2022) it’ll be your booster passport to show that you’ve been to have your third jab.”


And if you disagree about the way things are and want to return to the old normal then this is what happens: A Junior Economic Affairs Minister Mona Keijzer has been fired by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Her crime? Suggesting that the country’s vaccine passport scheme is “illogical”, and the Netherlands should “go back to the old normal.”

What they have planned for us certainly in the short to medium term and the rest of the West is to transform England and Scotland Wales fast into France, Italy, and Lithuania.

Anyone who accepts these vaccine passports now and with such an intrusion on their movements and data privacy is clearly already primed for the ultimate “marking” of the new world order, which will be to accept the QR code marked right onto their skin using micro-needles and invisible dyes.

The World Economic Forum named Microneedle patches as the number one top emerging tech in 2020 and the Tony Blair institute recently said that the Merck Biomedical Vaccine Innovation via Nano patch, a high-density micro-array patch technology is on its way.

Without vaccine passports and the biometric digital ID’s that will be used to authenticate them, there will be no great reset. Vaccine passports are central to the post-constitutional, post-democratic society we are all being herded towards.

Vaccine passports aren’t meant to go away, the whole reason we have had two years of a conspired pandemic was to institutionalise them and that it’s about social control via biometric identity. Dont forget ID2020 and the Good Health Pass didn’t just develop these apps and surveillance systems to be jettison after a few months.

Despite what everyone tries to tell you, separating people by vaccination status is a historic first. It has never been tried before, not during the polio or smallpox outbreaks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, not during the Spanish flu. Never. Now is the time to fight against this system. But to fight it, we must recognise its existence and stay one step ahead of the cabal’s evil game plan and halt them in their tracks.

Getting the vaccine is a personal choice to all of us but making the vaccine passports mandatory for people to receive basic services from businesses is discriminatory and taking away everything that society can offer does not offer someone life, happiness, and freedoms. It goes against everything this county was built on and stands for.

Once this trapdoor is closed, it will be very difficult to get out of its clutches. Don’t download apps, pay with cash whenever possible and stop sleepwalking into the New World Order.


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