‘German Health Minister Pushes Chinese Style Vaccine QR Colour Codes’


A new colour code identifying a citizen’s vaccination status will be added to Germany’s Corona-Warn-App this fall / winter, as reported on several twitter accounts earlier today. For example, using red, amber, or green to indicate vaccine status.

In an interview with the German scientist, physician, and politician Karl Wilhelm Lauterbach, now Federal Minister of Health of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Lauterbach revealed that Germany’s Corona warning app will be updated in the future with different colours indicating different rights, and that this system is already in place in China.


This is yet another element pushing for the complete Chinaficiation of Europe, with vaccine passports and digital identity wallets fast creeping into the picture.

In Germany, the Corona-Warn-App is the official and open-source COVID-19 contact tracing app made by SAP and Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems.

Developed in just 50 days on behalf of the German government, the Corona-Warn-App was developed by T-Systems and SAP.

T-Systems will also be used by the WHO to build a global Covid vaccine app and set up gateways.

QR codes on electronic vaccination certificates can be checked across national borders with a global health code app.

After COVID-19, it will serve as a standard procedure for other vaccinations, such as polio or yellow fever. To develop vaccination validation services, the WHO has selected T-Systems as an industry partner.

And we already had Nancy Pelosi just yesterday describing: “China is one of the freest societies in the world…”

But this is no joke, Karl Lauterbach earlier in 2020 said of Covid-19 “This is a one world enterprise.” And said, “It will not be possible to defeat this pandemic without all countries working together grand-scale.”

He also foretold the economic difficulty: “Economic turmoil will happen. Industrial countries need to support those who will otherwise face financial state crises that would require many years to heal.”

This is the same Karl Lauterbach’s that demanded everyone align with the goals of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda. And recently called for an “80% reduction in meat consumption.”

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has spoken out in favour of significantly reducing meat consumption to achieve more climate protection and healthier nutrition. “I wouldn’t say meatless,” the SPD politician told Der Spiegel magazine.

In the long term we could reduce meat consumption by 80 percent. But not only in Germany, but worldwide.”

Lauterbach’s advances and statements have been in harmony with the Great Reset initiative ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

As part of this initiative, it is pointed out that meat produced in the laboratory is far better for the climate.

But who gives us a guarantee that the production of laboratory meat by the agrochemical and pharmaceutical companies is really any healthier than real meat?

Of the new colour system: Some German critics fear that it will be difficult or impossible for restaurateurs, cinemas, and other affected facilities to check how often quickly and easily a visitor has already been vaccinated.

And whether he must wear a mask or not. Lauterbach says “The fact that freshly vaccinated cannot be checked is also wrong, on the CWA (Corona-Warn-App, editor’s note) a different colour of the certificate will be provided”

The system with different colours already exists in China. The so-called “Health Code” apps play a crucial role there.

The apps create movement profiles and display the state of health. Depending on the colour, the users then have different rights. A green code allows free movement, orange, and red mean quarantine for up to two weeks.

Karl Lauterbach has also been recently trying to “push” policy for a fourth Corona vaccination:

And meanwhile, Karl Lauterbach the Minister of Health is on the mend after his recent corona infection. According to Lauterbach, things are “slowly improving”. Nevertheless, “Covid-19 is no small thing”. And that despite four vaccinations and Paxlovid, “I had more severe symptoms than expected.” However, it is still unclear when Lauterbach had the fourth vaccination given. A spokesman said: “Please understand that we cannot go into details on medical matters.”

In November 2020 Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a global mechanism QR vaccine passport system that would use QR colour codes to open up international travel.

He said the codes could be used to recognise “health certificates based on nucleic acid test results”, according to a transcript published by Chinese state news agency Xinhua. Mr Xi didn’t go into further detail about how the travel scheme might work, or how closely it would be modelled on China’s QR code apps, which have been used to help contain the virus on the mainland. But he said, “We hope more countries will join this mechanism.”

Cristian Terhes MEP in November 2021 coined the term Chinaficiation of Europe when he said, “Clearly what we are witnessing right now is the Chinaficiation of Europe, what is happening in China with social credit scores & we are seeing the same system being implemented right now under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen”.

To bring in a Central Bank digital currency, you need a digital ID. To bring in a digital ID, you need these COVID passports, under the guise of health and safety. And that’s exactly what is happening:

Indeed, the vaccine passports and corona apps were the warmup act for their larger big brother digital identity wallets, and now the digital identity wallets are emerging as an important component of the future roll-out of a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Folks we are sleepwalking into a global surveillance prison that we have built ourselves. Our fight to break free from what has become a worldwide digital panopticon requires mass resistance to these invasive technologies creeping and being normalised into every aspect of our lives.

Coming to a country near you?


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[…] German Health Minister Pushes Chinese Style Vaccine QR Colour Codes, Truth Talk, 10 August 2020 […]

[…] German Health Minister Pushes Chinese Style Vaccine QR Colour Codes, Truth Talk, 10 August 2020 […]

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