FCC Sued Over Safety Limits Of Wireless Radiation


Two separate health advocacy organisations have sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over its complete dismissal of evidence of serious health impacts from wireless technology devices and infrastructure, such as cell phones and cell towers.

The cases have been brought after the FCC completely dismissed all evidence presented to it during a six year public inquiry which the FCC opened itself.

The FCC, which is “an independent agency of the U.S. government that regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable across the United States,” opened the inquiry in 2013.

During that time tremendous amounts of scientific and human evidence of physical harm caused by radiation emitted from wireless technology such as Wi-Fi and cell towers, was submitted to the FCC in 1,700 filings.

Pleas to reconsider radiation limits came from scientists and science organisations, such as the BioInitiative and EMF Scientist, from doctors and medical organisations, and from hundreds of individuals, including parents of children injured by wireless technology.

Their unsupported dismissal of both scientific studies and first-hand experience testimony prompted both the Children’s Health Defence (CHD) and the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) to sue the FCC.

The groups are arguing that the dismissal “lacked evidence of reasoned decision-making” and therefore was “arbitrary.”

It is also a violation of the Administrative Procedures Act as well as the National Environmental Policy Act and the 1996 Telecommunications Act, because it failed to consider the impact of its decision on public health and safety.

“One of the petitioners recently contacted the FCC to seek redress for injuries she attributes to RF exposures. The commission representative said; “‘We don’t deal with humans, only frequencies,’ and hung up,” McCollough reveals

That is why the FCC continues to insist there is no evidence that wireless technology causes harm, in the face of the 11,000 pages of evidence.

“The evidence shows effects on the brain, including impaired blood flow and damage to the blood-brain barrier, cognitive and memory problems and effects on sleep, melatonin production and mitochondrial damage, DNA damage, reproductive harm, neurological effects such as ADHD, and radiation sickness, which seems to be the most widespread.

We did our own digging on this and have found some very interesting articles and studies highlighting similar effects described by Robert Kennedy Junior and the children health defence in their ongoing landmark case.[1]  [2]

Source: Childrens Health Defence

Source: 5G Mobile Communications & Cell Tower Health Effects


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