‘Society Will Be Controlled by Vaccination Status and Digital ID.’ – [Current State of Play]

‘Society Will Be Controlled by Vaccination Status and Digital ID.’ – [Current State of Play]

It was written off by the establishment gatekeepers as a conspiracy theory until it became policy. Quite clearly, this is a globalized system of total social, political, and economic control. It may be the most dangerous development to befall a free humanity. The lockdowns, masks, vaccines, mandates, and freedom passes are being used to slingshot humanity into a clichéd dystopic future, with a plotline straight out of a low-budget sci-fi movie.

The most crucial aspect of the COVID agenda is the vaccine passports. Our rulers do not want you to get vaccinated for the good of your health. They want you to get vaccinated so that they can force you to use a vaccine passport. To keep track of the vaccine passports, humanity as a species requires a worldwide digital identity system. Without a worldwide digital identity system, the vaccine passports are useless, and without the vaccine passports, how do we know that you aren’t a COVID super-spreader?

The worldwide health apartheid continues, advances, and expands out, just like a virus.

Humanity right now is going through a massive upheaval, one of enlightenment but also one of a deep struggle, as we come to the realisation that we are no longer free and that we cannot remain free or as many are now realising that we were never free to start with. Society is now openly being shaped and guided into a digital vaccine passport totalitarianism hellscape. And what we do now matters for the future of this species. Let us take a brief look at what is going on around the world right now with this covid level tyranny, which is by far the biggest threat to us all.

Morocco’s government has stipulated that people must have a vaccine passport to go to work and enter public venues. The pass is also required to access indoor services such as restaurants and banks as well as domestic and international travel.


In Lithuania, entry to supermarkets is strictly prohibited for those who don’t have a digital “COVID pass.”


Lithuania recently adopted a digital covid passport system that discriminates against its un-vaccinated citizens. Lithuania fought Soviet tyranny and had to wait until 1991 in the Soviet Union’s waning days only to now acquiesce meekly to a new totalitarian regime of media-led propaganda and technocratic, fear-driven health authoritarianism.

Residents of Lithuania were freed from the grip of Communism three decades ago but have now re-entered into a world where you must whisper about your opposition to government policies, where you must scan your documents to eat in a restaurant.

Where you’re suspended from work without pay for non-compliance. And where fear now compels you to undergo medical treatments, that you don’t want or need. Citizens who do not qualify for or do not use the EUDCC, or the locally issued “Freedom ID,” have been barred from its society. The woke reversal ‘Freedom ID’ is anything but freedom.


US / Canada:

A California In-N-Out was restaurant was shut down for refusing to check its diners’ vaccination status. “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” – said Arnie Wensinger, In-N-Out’s chief.

All over the world, businesses are being forced to close because they do not comply with digital ID edicts. Your status isn’t ‘vaccinated’ or ‘unvaccinated’ it’s ‘compliant’ or ‘non-compliant’ and the government don’t like the latter.


In Vancouver small restaurants are forced to close if they don’t comply with vaccine passports, yet large malls’ food courts are packed, McDonald’s dining room are packed—with no restrictions on time or how long someone can stay there.


There are approximately Five million unvaccinated eligible Canadians out of a population of 38 million. Which means five million people are digitally locked out, unable to access society. This is a mass social experiment.


Vaccine passports are destroying the industry in Scotland and achieving nothing in terms of public health it was revealed. Some say they are completely destructive; with zero benefit. And it’s true within the first weekend vaccine passports ‘decimated’ the Scottish nightlife.

A survey of NTIA members in Scotland revealed that nightclub trade levels have dropped by almost half (46%), with some reporting declines of more than 60% compared to previous weeks.


“Scotland: Vaccine Passports decimating Scottish nightlife, NTIA Poll Reveals” New data from the NTIA has revealed that trading levels have been decimated in the first week of the Scottish Government’s ‘vaccine passport’ scheme. The press reported that it an “unmitigated disaster”, according to a hospitality sector body. The SHG said that staff have faced intolerable levels of abuse and venues saw a drop in footfall of 40%.

George Bowie a Scottish DJ had to scrap a Halloween gig amid the vaccine passport ‘uncertainty’. He said, “It appears too many people who planned to attend are currently unable to do so, due to being unable to secure a vaccine passport or in some cases not being willing to do so.”

It was also revealed that the Scottish vaccine passport app could share our personal data with the likes of Amazon, Royal Mail. User’s private information on the Scottish vaccination passport app reveals personal data of users will be shared with NetCompany, Service Now, Jumio, iProov, Albasoft, Amazon Web Services, CFH Docmail, Microsoft Azure, http://Gov.uk Notify Service and Royal Mail.


Wales only just managed to scrape in their system and they are already talking about expanding the system so that it could become mandatory in more places in Wales, Eluned Morgan health minister has said.


Australia / New Zealand:

In Australia, you can’t enter a Church or a place of worship without a vaccine passport. “It has changed the fabric of our church” this is how segregation becomes the law of the land.

Scott Morrison has also announced plans to implement an interstate travel ban for Australians who have not received a vaccine passport.

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“Vaccine passports establish a permanent link between your health status and freedoms” Said Mark Dolan:

Recently on the DWP ‘Find a Job’ website there were two adverts for Call Handlers. The summaries included that “We are looking to recruit candidates to join a brand-new team to assist with the roll out of vaccine passports.” Is this a hint that England are preparing to impose the same worldwide digital restriction systems? It does look that way.

In the Government’s own report, it was revealed that vaccine passports at events would reduce overall community transmission by 1% to 5%. Greg Parmley CEO of LIVE a federation of 13 live music associations said that: “The report confirmed implementing mandatory vaccine passports would be a mistake.”


And it’s not just that the vaccine passports could cost the economy billions, claims a leaked report. “In a plan B winter scenario, we could see passport-compliant venue profits slashed by up to £2.067 billion.” Vaccine passports could fuel Covid and cost venues millions, says leaked government report and the policy could push more people away from stadiums into poorly ventilated pubs and require firms to hire 5,700 new stewards for large events, and that’s just for starters, who knows what the longer-term risks and cost estimations are.

Even the behavioural nudge units the SPI-B – on the Plan B Measures said that the “Vaccine certification may only have a very small direct impact on transmission [Medium confidence]. However, there are potential harms and inequalities that should be considered prior to implementation [High confidence].”

The same leaked report found that vaccine passports could increase the spread of COVID by forcing people to visit smaller, more poorly ventilated venues. Apparently, COVID has developed some form of AI so that it knows when to leave people alone when they are rubbing up to dozens of other sweaty people in proximity.

Not even the W.H.O completely endorses digital vaccine passports. “WHO does not support the requirement of proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to travel”, it stated recently as September 2021.

The push for vaccine passports, just like the covid lies are underpinned by baseless scientific claims and persistent disinformation.

We all know that COVID-19 passports are illogical and must be abandoned completely. Many fear it signals a demoralising slide into discrimination, medical apartheid, fascism, or totalitarianism.

Why are liberals blind to vaccine passport discrimination? They are backing a plainly illiberal policy that will deepen racial division. If you want to bar a sizeable proportion of black people from everyday life, just support vaccine passports. Yet that’s what ‘progressives’ are doing. Vaccine passports are a way racist can achieve their wildest dreams.

Care Minister Gillian Keegan even suggested that the definition of fully vaccinated could be changed to Three doses. “I’m sure the vaccine passport concept will evolve and there will be if you’ve had your booster’ because it’s not probably going to be good for next summer. Which could mean having three jabs to be able to jet off next year.” – Care Minister Gillian Keegan MP.

Slowly they are incrementing the number of doses needed to lead a normal existence. Asked if people would not be able to travel unless they have had their booster, Ms Keegan told Sky News: “I don’t think so.” The same message came out from a GP Laurence Buckman who said that “everyone must have the booster jab”.

Dr David Bull admitted to TV Kev that he attended a large concert displaying his COVID-status and ended up becoming infected, even though he’s double jabbed. What more proof do we need that vaccine passports are a failure and must be abandoned altogether.

Sir Keir Starmer tested positive for Covid. It may be his 5th time in doing so; he is double vaccinated so has a vaccine passport. So, the vaccine passport is completely nonsensical with no medical facts to support it.


Any case for Vaccine Passports has now already been destroyed. And any MPs that still pushes for them or supports their usage, will be supporting massive job losses, social division, and billions of losses to the economy. The real-world evidence is clear, the warnings from advisors are clear, they are next to useless, but more of a comfort blanket and a tool to wield a world AI and biometric dictatorship.


Things are also heating up in Europe, the European Parliament will require COVID passport for entry. A valid EU Digital COVID certificate will be required for anyone, lawmaker, or staff, who enters the Parliament’s premises in Brussels, Strasbourg, and Luxembourg from November 3.

The vaccine passport requirement for the EU Parliament comes into effect on 3rd November and interestingly for those who are into numerology that’s 311 days after the EU states first rolled out Covid 19 vaccinations last year on 27th December 2020.


EU opposes vaccine mandate, vaccine passport agenda. MEPs give press conference, and the media are silent about it:

“We will fight for your rights”. “Healthy people cannot exercise their fundamental rights, Digital Green Certificate are a tool used to condition you, the right to work, the right to eat, the right to travel, we are here for you, and we will fight for you” – Cristian Terheș Member of the European Parliament.

“It is really sad to see our freedoms rights and rule of law endangered in Europe today, in some countries you cannot keep your job without digital green certificate, you cannot enter public buildings, a shop without a DGC. DGC is a licence to infect.” – Ivan Vilibor SINČIĆ MEP.

“In Europe fundamental human rights, individual freedom, employment, equality, education, health, free expression of thought is seriously being violated.” – Francesca Donato Member of the European Parliament.

“Civic rights are being increasingly being curtailed, these rights have to be battled for, I am not fearful of Covid at all, what I am worried about, are the kind of Governments which exploit this crisis in order to curb civic freedoms.” – Christine Anderson European Parliament.

No country that introduced Vaccine Passports has seen a reduction in cases of Covid. Any scientific or medical case for them has totally collapsed and the people still demanding their introduction are either unable to grasp basic facts or need to check their moral compass.

Digital ID:

Naomi Wolf recently said that “Microsoft is building the vaccine passports, it’s a 360-degree of insights, data and analytics, the globalists see that democracy is a problem, the west is a problem, they do not what to give up their freedoms. When you force people into vaccine passports then we become China.”

Digital identity is the lynchpin of this entire project. Your entire life will be centralized via this singular point of contact with the system. Those without a digital identity will be completely cut off from the system. Does this sound far-fetched? It’s already happening as you read above: People without “vaccine passports” are prevented from buying groceries in many countries like France.

Your digital identity will be linked to every single one of your pre-existing “identities,” both physical and virtual — your driver’s license, regular passport, email account, social media accounts, phone contract, and even your bank accounts. This recipe for eternal slavery is being pitched to the masses incrementally and marketed as a series of life-changing revolutions in “convenience and security.”

The big question is: Why do elites want to digitize our identities? Well, according to the United Nations themselves, their plan for the future of humanity is to corral everybody into fully digitized, 5G-powered, sustainably developed, climate change friendly smart cities.

What is being playing out in front of our eyes is an utterly audacious technocratic coup against humanity with normal life destroyed under the guise of fighting a virus. Most western governments are in on it and most political parties in those countries are in on it too.

In 2016, the United Nations announced its plan to give every human a “digital identity” at its ID2020 Summit. In 2018, the European Union announced the creation of vaccine passports that are “compatible with electronic immunisation information systems.” To be clear: The “vaccine passport” is the digital identity.

“Long predating Covid, we were working on the intersection of digital credentials and immunization.” – Dakota Gruener Executive Director of ID2020 said on 04.02.2021.

Digital COVID-19 vaccine passports “Expand the case for digital IDs beyond COVID-19 vaccination only, and potentially serve as a digital ID as a more comprehensive, universal source of identity information…” say Aite-Novarica which is an advisory firm providing mission-critical insights on technology, regulations, strategy, and operations to hundreds of banks, insurers, payments providers, and investment firms.

Vaccine passports are only one part of the digital identity equation, it’s not just humans that will have a digital ID it’s the vaccines also, now “using blockchain technology, each vaccine vial and batch is assigned a unique digital identity.” Digital identities for supply chain.

The truth behind vaccine passports is that. “The Digital COVID Certificate is an example of a digital ID. Governments are increasingly adopting these technologies in order to solve a global problem: the lack of official ID for 1 billion people around the world.”

But here’s the problem: Digital IDs can also be used to restrict freedoms, increase surveillance, and make it harder to do many of the things they are supposed to facilitate. Digital ID programs jeopardize privacy, present security risks, and exclude, marginalize, and even endanger users. Governments and businesses that rely on such flawed programs risk data breaches, cyberattacks, economic consequences, and the loss of public trust, which is exactly what we are witnessing.

To see how this technology will be rolled out and normalised, in North London, staff at a care home recently took part in a trial that used facial data to verify their Covid-19 vaccine status. The trial was linked to IProov, the biometrics developer of the UK’s NHS vaccine pass app.


And Hitachi trailed vein biometrics to verify vaccination records. Hitachi conducted a pilot for a system that verifies a person’s COVID vaccination status using finger vein biometrics authentication technology.


Even the Eurostar is trialling its new AI biometric facial recognition to replace passport checks. The facial recognition system will be delivered by Minnesota-based firm Entrust and UK’s iProov the company that also worked on the NHS Vaccine Passport App and US DHS Contractor.


The push worldwide to give everyone a legal identity was to allow people better access to financial and public services. But this endeavour has quickly morphed into promoting Digital IDs that are increasingly used for surveillance and control.

“Vaccine Passports Will Create a ‘Global Digital Infrastructure of Surveillance”: Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner said.

“There will be geolocation data associated with where you were, and at what time. [Governments] can engage in surveillance and pull these all together and know where you were, at what time, who you were with,” she said.

This type of data-tracking will create a “global digital infrastructure of surveillance” she added, fed by the “hundreds and thousands of sites that are obtaining these vaccine passports from you.”

Cavoukian says she is “very, very concerned about what happens to the vaccine passport systems inescapable web of surveillance after the pandemic ends.”

We know the ‘NYC IBM Excelsior Vaccine Passport Verifier App Tracks Certificate Scans and Usage.’ The NYC Excelsior Vaccine Passport app knows where and when you use the app, data and geolocations are mined and collected for data analytics.


In a sponsored article on biometricupdate.com by Telpo / Telepower Communication Co. Ltd which has the address in China. Said: “Verification devices may also need to be integrated with third-party software for tracking information like the number of people admitted, and in such cases must be able to upload the data to enterprise software systems.”

The same company also build face recognition / biometric terminals.

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And according to the World Economic Forum, an official UN partner organization, “by 2030, you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” By the way 2030 is also the proposed end date of the so-called ‘Great Reset’.

We are moving towards a new, digitally based economy and society where one’s movements, transactions, interactions, and behaviours are all monitored, and are connected to “targets” which in turn are closely tied to purportedly “green” policies of the UN SDGs.

Vaccine passports tied into the digital identity infrastructure are being used to restrict freedoms around the world, they increase surveillance and makes it harder to do many things they were supposed to facilitate.

They exclude already marginalized communities, and they fail to properly safeguard citizen privacy, these systems will expand and evolve further eroding our freedoms and opportunities.

The introduction of digital ID programs via vaccine passports jeopardizes everyone’s personal medical privacy, presents security risks, and exclude, marginalize, and even endanger users.

Vaccine passports forever jeopardize our rights to movement, social life, community, and access to the public sphere, all while contributing to the forever-deepening digital ID surveillance state.

Privacy forms the foundation of our freedom. If you value freedom and liberty, you value privacy, we must stand up for our freedom and we must stand up for privacy.

This is our constant battle, and the only way we can overcome this is by working together, the sooner we can all collectively come together and realise that this is one big dark and dangerous mistake, and the more of us that see this the faster our collective consciousness can shift and overcome this and return us back to be in control of our own destinies. We can stop this madness and we will stop this madness.


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