‘UK Vaccine Passports: Temperatures Are Rising (Fast) – [Perspective]’

‘UK Vaccine Passports Temperatures Are Rising (Fast) - [Perspective]’

Vaccine passports and new work-from-home guidance have been announced as the Government speeds up plans for tougher measures to counter the Omicron variant.


“All the measures are aimed at two things, vaccine passports and lockdowns starting next winter 2022, “The goal is to have the public, back in their box.” – A Whitehall source said in May 2021.



We knew this day was coming, we all had a sense of something big was going to be announced, we all knew that plan B was ‘oven ready’, to be pushed through onto the hapless public, because that is exactly the global agenda taking place and is affecting every country right now. But it’s all a deceitful trap into digital serfdom and perpetual slavery and the Omicron variant was announced at precisely the right time to further push the global digital ID agenda, to get the UK in line.

The globalists are fast pushing for this one world digital identity, they had everything ready in the pipeline before Covid, with UAT complete, all they are doing now is executing their plan.

Ultimately vaccine passports will mean slavery forever, and for those who resist the new bio-security surveillance state, will all remain in a new digital lockdown, we cannot accept this.

Vaccine passports now represent a line in the sand, first used to gain entrance into larger events, but it will be quickly extended to every facet of our lives, to deny goods and services both physical and digital, by rewarding good / positive behaviours based on government dictates and to punish bad behaviours, just like China does.

If the population are coerced into accepting vaccine passports and they will be, it will be the end of life as we knew it. There is no way back from this, we will be selling our children’s inheritance, and the blood of those who died for it, for the illusion of freedom.

The current timing and scale of vaccine passport rules remain unclear, but the Government has previously set out how the rules would likely be enforced. These will include nightclubs, indoor venues with 500 or more attendees, outdoor venues with 4,000 or more attendees and all large settings with more than 10,000 attendees would be required to carry out checks. The rules would likely see these venues having to check proof that attendees have received both doses of a Covid vaccine before allowing entry.


Most likely vaccine passports will be required to enter Premier League grounds from this weekend. While at Tottenham they have been hit with a covid outbreak that has reportedly brought down several players and staff, and may ask the Premier League to postpone its Brighton clash’ as manager Conte confirmed eight of his players and five staff have Covid. All the players concerned are thought to have been double-vaccinated. You read that right, speaking in a press conference the Tottenham boss said: “The problem is every day we have more people with Covid.”


It is insane if you think this is all about ‘public health’ but not insane once you can understand that it is about implementing Bill Gates’ ID2020, GAVI and the World Economic Forum Great Reset programme in which the vaccine passports which will transform into a fully blown digital ID Chinese-style social credit systems which will dictate what we can do and where we can go.

The introduction of masks last week was simply to soften us up for the planned rollout of Plan B measures. Previously: The government failed to make a strong scientific case for vaccine passports, further the Commons PACAC report on Covid-Status Certification highlighted serious ethical concerns in relation to potential discrimination if a Covid Passport system were to be introduced domestically. But these warnings have been totally sidelined.

“Covid-Passes will not increase uptake of the vaccine but will create a segregated society. Is my Rt. Hon. friend the PM aware, that very few will be convinced by this diversionary tactic.” Said William Wragg of Commons PACAC today.

“The pre-Christmas period is absolutely crucial for our sector.  Plan B including vaccine passports will have a devastating impact on a sector already so bruised by the pandemic.” said Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night-time Industries Association. “You do have to question the timing and rationale for this announcement. Is this sound evidence-based public policymaking or is this an attempt to move the news agenda on from a damaging story about the Downing Street Christmas party?” he added.

The damage that vaccine passports can do to society is going to be immense. For businesses in Scotland, the losses that have resulted from their vaccine pass rules have totalled over 50% reduction in what they would ordinarily expect for this time.

Digital ID:

It’s always ever been about Digital ID: “Such a digital credential would be the first instance of a mobile or ‘digital identity’ playing a role in the realm of international travel and will serve as an aggregator toward mobile passports”. – According to global technology intelligence firm ABI Research.

We can track this agenda back to around 13.12.2017, in an article “How big a task is giving everyone on Earth a digital identity?” It wrote: “The light bulb moment – while working as the aide de camp to Gavi’s CEO, Dakota Gruener travelled to Cameroon in 2014 for the launch of the national rotavirus vaccination programme.” That lightbulb moment was to track immunisations using digital ID based on blockchain ledger technology.


And Bill Gates’ Gavi the Vaccine Alliance which is connected at the hip with ID2020 in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program. It wrote. “Digital child health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school or financial services, serving as the foundation for a broadly recognized digital identity,” This digital ID will be tied to each child’s vaccination status.

The Gavi alliance with $1.16 billion in taxpayer dollars is partnered with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Gates Foundation was to create a registered, verifiable, digital ID for every child on the planet.

Gavi’s 5-page paper on INFUSE states: “Imagine a future in which all children have access to life-saving vaccines no matter where they live – a future in which parents and health workers ensure their timely vaccination, a future in which they have their own digitally stored health record that cannot be lost or stolen, a future in which, regardless of gender, economic or social standing, this record allows each child (and parents) to have access to a bank account, go to school, access services and ultimately build a prosperous life.”


It’s no coincidence that New York City is expanding its COVID-19 mandates, setting up new vaccine requirements for children as young as 5 years old. These children will need vaccine proof for restaurants and cinemas in NYC. They are redefining social norms. The real purpose is to fold the current generation of children into the blossoming global digital identity system. This is all about data collection and has nothing to do with health.

In a 2018 article from a group that partners with the UN, Microsoft, Rockefeller, ID2020 wrote that vaccination programs created a “huge opportunity to scale digital identity. Despite its name suggesting a framework for something in the immediate future, ID2020 is working towards achieving target 16.9 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network to provide legal identity for everyone, including free birth registrations by 2030.


But the surveillance they envisaged has moved on, now when you present your digital Covid vaccine passport, the verification data at that point is captured by a reader app, its potentially stored and its geo-located you, not only that, that data could be merged with other meta marketing or other governmental services datasets.


These are the building blocks of new Smart AI and Biometric based cities. Covid was always about Agenda 2030, Immunisation Agenda 2030, and the Great Reset, ready to propel what’s left of humanity towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Critical thinkers know now that no country in the World which introduced vaccine passports has seen a reduction in cases of COVID. Any scientific or medical case for them has already totally collapsed. But people are still demanding their introduction or expansion, these people are unable to grasp basic facts and or need to check their moral compass.


If you accept vaccine passports on your app then you will eventually accept the next phase, which will be covid biometric surveillance because that will be what comes next. The COVID-19 “plandemic” was used as the guise to rush the technology through while people have been rightly focusing on matters such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, societal breakdowns, and economic collapse.


Take Austria, it’s all a rigged game there: Austria’s lockdown enforcer Karl Nehammer is now sworn in as Chancellor as the country braces for mandatory vaccines. Austria’s new chancellor Karl Nehammer announced there will be no freedom without vaccination. And even if you get the vaccinations, there will be no freedom anyway!

Because booster shots will be needed to keep that fully vaccinated status, just like Australia. A booster dose will be necessary to keep your green Covid-19 vaccination tick in the future, the health department secretary Brendan Murphy said.


And the same is expected to be true in the UK, no new boosters, then no access. In fact, the BioNTech CEO has said the potentially upcoming vaccines for the new Omicron variant will be a 3-dose vaccine. Its never meant to end.

To maintain a valid passport, you’ll have to keep taking these new boosters. Just how many more are you willing to take, 27? How many times are you willing to risk your health and life for only a little bit of freedom? At some point, you will have to make the same decisions as everyone else who is unvaccinated or unboosted, freedom or slavery.

If vaccine passports do come in under Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party and the Labour party too are finished in this country, it will be the party that broke freedom, trust, and the economy with their electorate.

There can be absolutely no doubt about it now, this is a global digital coup by special interests, big-tech, and big pharma on free humanity. Boris Johnson is pushing the globalist’s digital ID agenda and he must be stopped at all costs, this effects us all.

We are being treated with utter contempt by our elected leaders, now is the time to act, call your MP before the vote takes place.


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