‘Biometric ID’s: They’re Putting the Infrastructure In Place, Now We Need a Declaration of War.’

Biometric ID’s They're Putting the Infrastructure In Place, Now We Need a Declaration of War.

I wrote last December that the “the globalist’s masterplan introduces new restrictions on our daily lives, we are being offered only 2 choices. 1. Forced to stay in economy busting rolling lockdowns forever or 2. Prove immunity via tests and vaccine passports”.

And that is exactly what is happening under the guise of fighting an invisible enemy.

Our freedoms are now tied to an expiry date within our new ‘Beijing-style’ vaccine passports. As soon as it goes red, no one can do anything, our freedom dies on that date, a bit like musical statues, when the music stops, if we move, we lose, we’re out!

Up to 50% may well refuse further experimental boosters year on year, hence half the population would live normally and the other half under constant draconian house arrest, no longer able to access society.

Living under this stop-go technocratic system, I can see LFT’s being revoked and only expensive PCR tests remaining (as in France), which grants a mere 72 hours of freedom at a time. What kind of freedom is this?

Folks’ it is that time, humanity is on its’ knees, a slave state to the hive mind. Our way out? Biometric IDs tied to everything we do, health, injections, payments, geo location. Remember the Uyghurs ethnic group? That same model is going global.


Boris Johnson recently said, “I serve notice that by the end of September 2021, we’re planning to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.”

And “Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccinations” – Boris Johnson.

More recently Michael Gove MP said that “certification is the right way to go” and that “selfish” individuals who refuse to get a COVID-19 jabs face being denied entry to events.

No Michael Gove, you are “selfish” for pushing digital identity down our throats on the back of Covid and not listening to what Commons PACAC said, that the “Government failed to make a strong scientific case” and the Ada Lovelace Institute who said, “Vaccine status does not offer clear or conclusive evidence about any individual’s risk to others”.

Dominic Raab has suggested that the threat of vaccine passports is in part about ‘coaxing and cajoling’ young people to get jabbed. If that was the case why are massive IT deals been made with a multiple digital ID companies like Entrust for the purpose of vaccine certification?

From “We have no plans to introduce vaccine passports” To “Covid vaccine passports are the way forward”, says minister Nadim Zawawi this week.

So Premier League football fans who have not been fully vaccinated will be barred from attending all matches from October under plans expected to be signed off by ministers.

This time it’s doubled jabbed, but next time it will be no annual booster shot? No entry. Weekly this could mean around 210K being locked out of stadiums and that number will likely grow year on year.


From 4th August. Chelsea fans will have to show proof of Covid jabs to go to matches. And if you thought this would only apply to entertainment venues like the football and the O2 then think again.

FE students could need to be fully vaccinated to attend education and training in the coming years under new plans being considered by the Department for Education.


In Ireland all customers must show proof of immunity from Covid-19 via their EU Digital Covid Certificate before they can be served food or drink in indoor venues. Mr Varadkar has said: “It is the only way we can reopen and stay open”. – Oh Really? The only way?

For theatre productions, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has said that domestic ‘Beijing-style’ vaccine passports are “inevitable” and it’s “the future”. Sure, it is Andrew.

With no real opposition, this globalist plan will be implemented with the help of the UK Labour party: Labour have said that they are ready to back vaccine passports for sports events”, says Keir Starmer. The party’s backing could save Boris Johnson from a humiliating defeat in Commons.

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Just how has it come to this? Boris Johnson, it is not too late to take a stand and be a strong leader, apologise for the mistakes made and revoke these plans, turn this ship around, repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020 and allow democracy to function normally again.

Over a year ago: on the 9th June 2020. – “It is a natural evolution of the way that we are going to use technology in any event to transact daily life and this Covid crisis gives an additional reason for doing that”. – Tony Blair.

And even right from the onset of this supposed pandemic digital credentials were being mooted as the exit clause. – April 2020 – “A digital credential – perhaps biometrically secured and stored on a person’s smartphone – may be the best way for people to be able to carry secure, verifiable proof of their status without leaking other personal information” – Tony Blair

In April 2020, NHSX’s CEO Matt Gould told the Commons Science and Technology Committee a Vaccine Passport app is part of a “broader exit from lockdown strategy to keep the public safe.”

And in the same month, April 2020: Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye demanded mass coronavirus screenings at British airports, including mandatory “health passports”.

More recently on 22.12.2020. “Prepare for a form of Health Passport NOW. “I know all the objections, but it will happen! It’s the only way the world will function and for lockdowns to no longer be the sole course of action”. – Tony Blair said.

In the US on April 10th, 2020. “The idea of Americans carrying certificates of immunity to prove they have tested positive for the antibodies might have some merit under certain circumstances.” “Immunity certificates are being discussed”. – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

What’s the official stance on this?

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee in their report on Covid-status Certification highlighted serious ethical concerns in relation to the potential discrimination if a Covid Passport system was introduced domestically.

In their report on Covid-Status certification they raised concerns that a covid passport would not aid unlocking but would add new burdens to key sectors of the UK economy and society.


They found the “Government made no convincing scientific case, and that the success of the vaccine program makes domestic Covid passports unnecessary.”

And at present, “vaccination status does not offer clear or conclusive evidence about any individual’s risk to others via transmission, so cannot be a robust basis for risk-based decision making, therefore roll-out of passports is not currently justified.” – Ada Lovelace Institute.

2021: Immunity certification for COVID-19: Ethical considerations: The latest WHO Bulletin’s concluded that: “Immunity certification, even where available and reliable, should never be used as the main strategy for reducing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“There are still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission and limited availability of vaccines” — World Health Organization, January 2021.

2021: WHO cautions against vaccine passports: “Vaccine passports for COVID-19 should not be used for international travel because of numerous concerns, including ethical considerations that coronavirus vaccines are not easily available globally.”

11 December 2020. “Vaccinated people could still be able to spread the virus and put others at risk, so experts have stressed the importance of continuing to physically distance and wear masks.” GAVI Said

Even though this is the official stance by PACAC Committee, Ada Lovelace Institute, the World Health Organisation and of GAVI. So why is the UK Government along with many other Government’s lying and deceiving us at every turn?

Because the vaccine passports are part of a much more sinister agenda, the real conspiracy.


With this level of tyranny, we may end up like France in no time at all, where proof of vaccination or of a recent negative PCR test will be required for all restaurants, cafés, bars, cinemas, theatres, and other public places and even shopping centres. In France, PCR tests are not free.

In France things are currently a lot worse than the UK, where the unvaccinated are made to feel like second class citizens, subjected to a life which isn’t worth living at all.

France’s parliament adopted legislation that makes vaccine passports a key part of daily life in the battle against COVID-19, after lawmakers of both houses reached a compromise deal.

Want to stay in that hotel? Sorry not allowed in. Europe sees vaccine passport explosion for hotels, restaurants, museums and more.


No vaccine? Then no vote either, Macron’s vaccine passport plan sparks major fury.


The digital “passe sanitaire” will be required as of 01/08/2021 for hospitals and the criteria for the pass are Vaccine, Covid Recovered (6 months) or Negative PCR Test.


Their so called “sanitary pass” an apt name which refers to the “conditions that affect hygiene, cleanliness and health” is compulsory in the following settings:

“Auditions, conference, projection, and meeting rooms. Marquees, tents, and structures. Concert and performance halls. Cinemas. Festivals (sitting and standing). Closed and covered sporting events. Outdoor establishments. Gaming rooms, escape-games, casinos. Places of worship when they host cultural and non-religious activities. Fairs and exhibitions.

Zoological parks, amusement parks and circuses. Museums and temporary exhibition halls. Libraries (except university and specialized ones). Cultural events organized in higher education establishments. Fairgrounds with more than 30 stands or attractions. Any event, cultural, sporting, fun or festive, organized in the public space likely to give rise to a control of the access of people. Ships and cruise ships with accommodation. Discos, clubs, and dancing bars.”

It’s an extensive list, which means without digital and biometric ID, they cannot even do the most basic of things, a life even worse than lockdowns, held at ransom to a digital automated technocracy.

You are barred, Greece, Italy, and France to enforce vaccine passports on all tourists visiting bars, cafes, and attractions this summer.


Its gets worse as France is to imprison Vaccine Passport-Defying Business Owners for up to 1 Year and/or a €45,000 fine.

Germany will also prevent unvaccinated people from going to cinemas, restaurants and football matches, Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said.


The West is installing a system all-too analogous to the notorious color-coded social credit system the Chinese Communist Party used to put a stranglehold on Wuhan residents at the beginning of the outbreak, and many people will eventually surrender to this system.

This effectively is the Chinese system where Citizens are scanned as they board busses, approach crosswalks, and cross barricades. A complete record of movement, hour-by-hour and interaction-by-interaction is compiled and tracked for all citizens.

China pioneered tying QR codes to digital identity and now the pandemic is normalizing similar systems for the West. ‘Encoding your personal information in a QR code is set to become mainstream in Europe — years after the concept spread through China.’

The Government has recently awarded a contract to Entrust Limited for “Public Key Infrastructure services for the Covid-19 Certification Programme”. The value of the contract is £839,422.14.


According to Wiki: A public key infrastructure (PKI) “is a set of roles, policies, hardware, software and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates and manage public-key encryption.”

Entrust have already been awarded a £250K contract for the vaccination certification programme by the UK Government and they have also helped roll out national ID systems in Albania, Ghana and Malaysia.


“They’re putting all the infrastructure in place, the next protest doesn’t need to be a celebration, it needs to be a declaration of war”. – TruthTalk.UK


‘The Game in One’ – Vaccine passports are the pre-curser to Digital ID – In a brand-new blog post by THALES’s Kristel Teyras she writes: “So-called digital ‘vaccination passports will play a key role in enabling citizens to access all manner of services and will act as a precursor to the rollout of mobile digital IDs.”


She goes on: “In the US, the deployment of a digital wallet – primarily for digital driving licenses – will act as a gateway and the foundations for other vital government services, such as health passes.”

“In order to meet the EU target of 80% of its citizens using eIDs by 2030, it’s vital that governments address these pillars and work with a provider that can satisfy these requirements.”

They are all working towards UN SDG: Target 16.9: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”

8 Jul 2020 – “Biometric Digital ID for me is a very big part of the future” — Tony Blair said 12 months ago.


Digital identity is a major component of the WEF’s great reset agenda as it relates to transformative technologies powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The business model of big tech depends on accumulating and processing expanding quantities of data. Data collected by a vaccine passport would be a goldmine for the likes of Palantir Technologies, who are already providing data logistics for the NHS vaccine rollout.

The Government has also been accused of constitutional ignorance after spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on contracts for a digital identity scheme before it had even launched a consultation into the project.

It said it would look at ways to “create a new system to make digital identities as trusted and secure as official documents, such as passports.”


The Government added that digital identities, available through smartphone apps and other web-based services, would hold “many advantages over paper documents”, including reducing fraud and widening access to ID for people unable to obtain a passport.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is also pushing digital identity as a major component of its globalist great reset agenda to revamp the world’s economy and all societal structures.

“The vital point to make is this: advances in health and innovations in health technology ‘must’ ensure self-sovereign identity.” – the CEO of Tento Mark recently said.

It has been said that these digital vaccine passports will not work alone, you will eventually need facial and iris recognition biometric technology and this is how the new technology will cut airport queues.


In this white paper from Oliver Wyman titled: A global effort: The adoption of innovative digital technologies to enable seamless travel.

On Government Imperatives: it writes, “Increase acceptance and adoption of biometrics at government-regulated checkpoints, including advance capture and verification of identity that feed into risk assessment, screening, and checkpoint clearance.”

And “Vaccine passports when integrated to a passenger’s digital identity, can induce a sense of safety. The travel industry needs biometric and contactless that empower passengers to securely hold and handle their information,” Mitul Ruparelia Vision-Box UK has said.

Getting back to Normal with Vaccine Passports tied into Iris-based biometrics.

This is how they are going to check everyone’s vaccine passports, by biometrically screening your face and eyes.

The world will move to contactless biometric ID’s, first offer the digital identity apps facilitating COVID vaccination information. Then implement contactless seamless gateways in airports, with on-the-move face biometrics for passenger ID. With slogans like “Face it and walk your way into the future”. And next sell and extract data analytics and insights on people movements.


As things currently stand, we don’t have an opposition, certainly not in the House of Commons, except for maybe a handful of backbench Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, and certainly not enough to railroad the proposed vaccine passport legislation. However, some nightclub bosses are ready to take the Government to court over Covid passports.

“We’ve been thrown under the bus,” said Peter Marks, chief executive of Rekom UK.


Hugh Osmond has written to the health secretary, outlining his intention to take legal action if the government presses ahead with plans to make ‘Beijing-style’ vaccine passports mandatory for guests to enter nightclubs and events.

Hugh Osmond, an entrepreneur and businessman, founder of Punch Taverns, one of the UK’s largest chains of public houses has written to the health secretary. Outlining his intention to take legal action if the government presses ahead with plans to make ‘Beijing-style’ vaccine passports mandatory for guests to enter nightclubs and events.


Even Hugo Rifkind of the Times has changed his tune from dismissing domestic style Chinese vaccine passports to get a pint at your local pub to this.

He writes, “compulsory covid passports are a step too far”. And “There’s a significant difference between a university or theatre asking for proof of vaccination and the state enforcing it.”

Hugo has made some on-point statements: “Domestic Covid passports – I don’t like any of this.” And “The state restricting your freedom for not taking the right medicine feels like a major new Rubicon.”

Unless we can all unite behind one liberal banner and it’s not the Kate Shemirani or David Icke anti lockdown banner, our voices will become further fragmented. We need a way to unite all these powerful voices:

“I’ve been a Conservative member for the past 20 years – but vaccine passports have pushed me to my limit.”


He writes, “I don’t want a vaccine passport and I don’t want anyone else to be coerced into having one either. I don’t want the Government spending vast sums on a system that could give the wrong people access to health records, is open to fraud, would discriminate by age and ethnicity, create new burdens on business”.

We must reject a ‘papers please’ society. Simon Jupp MP explains why he is against vaccine passports.


Surely mandatory vaccines and certifications for inspection go against everything it means to be a Conservative?

Richard Drax MP on Vaccine Passports: “For me, this is crossing a line. Coercion is not the way forward”. “Rather than living with Covid, we are living with restrictions, and they’re being applied with increasing force.”


If vaccines provide only limited protection, the case for vaccine passports disappears. Writes Daniel Hannan.


He says: “If the law can require proof of a Covid jab, why not a flu jab or a measles jab? Why not an AIDS test? Why not evidence of a healthy diet? Because, you say, the Covid vaccine is about protecting other people rather than yourself? That line is becoming harder and harder to sustain.”


On a positive note, we were very humbled to hear our name being mentioned at the recent 24th July 2021 London protest:

Speaker Jaclyn Dunne said to: “Turn off the TV, if anybody here is still watching mainstream media you’re probably lost. They are agenda driven, they are corrupt, and they are fear based. We’ve got so many amazing alternatives now – we’ve got TruthTalk.UK“.

There is only one way we can avoid vaccine passports from developing into the nightmarish surveillance of our lives and that is to flat out reject them. Don’t download any app the government is trying to push at you, boycott any venue whose entry is dependent on supplying personal medical health data and we need to be vocal in our opposition and explain why we feel this way.

Most importantly, I’m urging all the big accounts to unite behind one anti vaccine passport / digital ID banner, we may not be able to defeat this, but we can at least give it our best united shot and slow it down, indeed our time is now to come together.


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