‘20 Reasons Why Vaccine Passports Just Won’t Work.’

‘18 Reasons Why Vaccine Passports Just Won’t Work.’

1 – Double-jabbed carry same levels of Covid as unvaccinated.

Fully vaccinated people carry the same amount of Covid as the unvaccinated, scientists have found in a new study that calls into question the effectiveness of vaccine passports and changes to the NHS app. The new study by the University of Oxford shows that the delta variant wipes out the viral load reduction.

“When delta started to come in, the first thing that happened was that the virus values went up and now we really don’t see any difference in the amount of virus people get if they get infected after vaccination”. – Sarah Walker, professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at Oxford.


Recently up to 50,000 people attended a five-day Boardmasters Festival Newquay in Cornwall. They made people show proof of a test or vaccination. However, dozens of people reported getting ill after the event, with others being urged to get tested in case they have caught the virus. One parent said: ‘If you just got home from boardmasters take a covid test. My son and 2 friends have all just tested positive. All single jabbed and all tested negative at the event.’

Another said: “17-year-old daughter just back from Boardmasters and now poorly with Covid. All her friends also now testing positive. It was so good to see kids enjoying festivals again – but now she’s wondering if it was worth it. I suspect a big Boardmasters Covid spike is coming.”


2 – Vaccines doesn’t reduce infections, so any domestic vaccine passports make no sense.

The ONS have claimed that vaccines reduce infections. However, the actual raw data shows that 87% of the delta infections were in the vaccinated and about the same proportion as the population who were vaccinated i.e. There was no effect.

3 – International vaccine passports are illegal.

There is currently ‘no’ internationally recognised binding agreement on COVID-19 testing or vaccination as a pre-condition of entry. Currently the only internationally agreed vaccination as condition of entry is for yellow fever and thus the current measures are unnecessary and disproportionate.

There is nothing within the World Health Organisation’s International Travel and Health Document, time stamped and dated 12th May 2021 at the top of the document also at the bottom in the footer to say that vaccines or vaccine passports are required for entry.


4 – The Ada Lovelace and Parliamentary Commons PACAC have confined domestic vaccine passports to the scrap heap.

“It is likely that SARS-CoV-2 will become endemic, like seasonal flu (or even better contained, like measles, or even eliminated), at which point it will no longer require the emergency and intrusive measures justified by its present transmissibility and fatality” — Ada Lovelace Institute Interim Report, February, 2021

“The expert group came to the view that, at present, vaccination status does not offer clear or conclusive evidence about any individual’s risk to others via transmission,” And Any roll out of a digital passport is not currently justified” — Ada Lovelace Institute Interim Report, February, 2021.


From PACAC – “Our report on Covid-status Certification highlights serious ethical concerns in relation to potential discrimination if a Covid Passport system was introduced domestically.” – Commons PACAC.

The committee Found “That the Government failed to make a sufficiently strong scientific case for introducing Covid-status certification in the UK. Further, while the Government could not set out to us the exact locations, events and venues which would be included in a Covid-status certification system, there appears to be no scientific rationale for the places they indicated were under consideration and most likely to be included in that system (nightclubs, large events like football matches, and for international air travel) and those that appear to have already been excluded from inclusion in that system (buses, the Underground or pubs and restaurants).”


05 – They close our life down, permanently banned & shut out from society.

Similar to a caste system, caste systems are a form of discrimination, it is archaic, no one should be above anyone else. See the current health apartheid currently going on in France.

06 – There are no scientific evidence behind the vaccine passport, no science exists, no investigations on populations and no proof that they actually work at all.

07 – They have the potential to discourage overall vaccination rates.

Findings from a cross-sectional study in the UK and Israel on willingness to get vaccinated it found that UK domestic vaccine passports may have detrimental effects on people’s autonomy, motivation, willingness to get vaccinated.


08 – They are discriminatory for ethnic minorities / A complete break-down of social cohesion.

Black Americans and those of ethnic minorites will bear the biggest brunt of burden from vaccine passports. In the US the CDC reported that only 28.4% of the black community have received the Covid vaccine, with states like CA and NY mandating vaccine passports to enter restaurants and businesses, the black community would be most affected by this modern-day segregation.


09 – They are coercion and people don’t like to be coerced. – Goes against The Nuremberg Code.

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

10 – Many people will not get vaccinated, hence would not be able to participate within any domestic or international vaccine passport program.

Reported up to 18 August 2021 – First dose total 47,460,526, Second dose total 41,157,06910. – 61.5% fully vaccinated, leaving 38.5% unable to access domestic services.

11 – Vaccines have an expiry date which will throw tens of millions into the unvaccinated category.

The term “fully vaccinated” is just a mirage. It has already lost its meaning. You’re only “fully vaccinated” until your next dose is “approved.” Being “fully vaccinated” is morphing into something that is no longer fixed. It’s turning into a constantly moving target.

Recently Croatia and Austria both announced that they are stamping a maximum validity period of 270 days – around nine months – on proof of vaccination, which is currently needed to visit the countries. This means that UK travellers who received their second vaccine injection in January only have until October 2021 to visit the country before their vaccine passport is deemed invalid.


12 – Adverse events and reactions furthering the vaccinated and unvaccinated divide.

Locking out the vaccine injured, this is not a characteristic of a fair and just society. The current rate of people suffering serious adverse reactions after having one of the experimental Covid vaccines stands at 1 in every 142 people, with 1,151,768 adverse reactions having now been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.


13 – Your vaccine status is none of my businesses

What makes you think anyone is interested in anyone’s private medical records? We’re not. No one cares apart from big tech and the government.

14 – We are not China, stop trying to force us in their health code and tracking image.

We are not a show me your papers society nor do we wish to be. Read here on what life is like in China under their health code app system.


15 – Logistics of checking everyone continually everywhere they go.

See large stadiums, restaurants, pubs, it is technically not feasible to check thousands of the public’s covid status at the same time, there are massive cost head overlays for smaller businesses and establishments too. Not unless business bring in biometric face scanning.


16 – We could end up destroying businesses even further.

Vaccine Passports: “This could destroy my business.” – Massimo Felici Owner of restaurants in Staten Island, he along with many other businesses are speaking out. – See France also.


17 – Statistically speaking Covid has the same or very similar IFR to that of the common influenza viruses.

COVID19 has a global 0.15% IFR, and like COVID-19 “Up to 77% of people with flu have no symptoms”, we have never needed influenza passports before, so why should we have a Covid one?

18 – The public have seen through the big brother façade and understand that vaccine passports are the gateway to more complex digital ID systems.

They can turn on and turn off your life. No one wants that over their heads, no one can live like this. Vaccine passports are a fundamental piece of the WEF’s Great Reset Project and Known Traveller Digital Identity systems.

The path to Digital ID: “The Good Health Pass Blueprint is an important step in enabling a digital experience that will create foundations for future of travel where passengers can present information & where digital id enriches the experiences of all society.” – Mastercard recently said.


“A Digital ID Wallet is a truly future-proof solution. Above and beyond the requirements of the health pass, it provides a standards-based platform for on-going digitisation programmes, including any future, internationally harmonised vaccine passport.” – The Thales Group.


19 – Big tech to look after our data, we have no idea what the data is going to be used for – Tracking, selling etc.

Experts claim the privacy policy is woefully inadequate. Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), which opposes local and state surveillance in New York, points out that businesses use a separate app to scan the pass; when he tested it, he found that a user’s location could potentially be tracked by those scanners.

“As a result, the comedy club I go to might have a log of my visits there and to any bars I go to afterwards that require proof of vaccination. Neither New York State nor IBM responded to requests to clarify whether scanning information could be collected or tracked.”


20 – Finally Trust, we just don’t trust what the Government says on vaccine passports, because they have been lying through their teeth from the get-go. First denying the very existence of them, then signing lucratice government contracts, and then having to finally admit they were rolling them out.

If they want to do digital identity, then that’s fine but don’t put vaccine status as a pre-condition to our physical and digital futures.


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